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Starting an Affirmation Journal: 10 Ideas & Affirmations to Get Started

Are you looking to change yourself via journaling? Have you tried loads of other types of journaling and self-help that just never seemed to stick?

How to Start a Manifestation Journal

Today we will be exploring the basics for how to get started with your very own manifestation journal.

15 Best Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Are you looking to get a gift for your resident travel lover but know not where to turn?

12 Journal Prompts For Healing

Today we will be exploring 12 prompts that you can follow to help you heal yourself!

25 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Do you want some journal prompts for self-discovery so that you can get a better handle on yourself and where you're at?

12 Best Wellness Journals

Take your pick from these 12 wellness journals that are purported to be the best in the biz!

What is Cross Grain Leather?

Let's explore the history and physiology of crossgrain leather, as well as the pros and cons, and some interesting statistics to tell your friends.

What is the Most Durable Leather of All?

Today we will be exploring four of the most strong and durable exotic leathers outside of the realms of your usual fodder.

10 Reading Journal Ideas: How to Keep a Reading Journal

Today we will be exploring ten tips and tricks to help you start your very own reading journal!

3 Benefits of Yoga Journaling and How to Get Started

The use of a yoga journal isn't just for those who obsessively chronicle everything on paper. Rather, it continues to be a vital part of yoga practice.

3 Multi-Destination Trip Planners

Are you looking to go abroad anytime soon? Are you going to several locations and worrying that you will have to sort through all the logistical mud?

Dream Journal - All About Dream Journaling

Are you looking to get a better handle on your dreams? Want to start your very own dream journal practice but know not where to start? 
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