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Suede Vs Leather

Ever wondered just what the difference is between suede vs leather? What about what makes them similar? 

10 Things to Write About in Your Journal

Follow some of the prompts below in honor of yourself and you will not be able to help but start a journal that is uniquely yours.

How To Stretch Leather

Is your new leather item just a little too tight in all the wrong areas? Today we will be exploring 4 distinct methods to follow to stretch your leather out.

Can You Wash Leather?

Let's explore some of the dos and don'ts around washing leather, as well as exhibiting for you in detail the process of hand-washing leather yourself.

Why and When Does Real Leather Peel?

What are all these cracks appearing all over my leather items? Why and when does real leather peel? Answered!

10 Tips For Long Road Trips

Want to get the inside scoop and some of the best tips for long road trips? How long should you stay on the road befo...

How To Start a Prayer Journal

Want to know how to start a prayer journal? Want to know what to include in your prayer journal? Want to know what not to include?

10 Travel Accessories For Men

Today we will be exploring 10 of the most important travel accessories each man might be lost without.

10 Best Warm Places to Travel in Winter

Let's explore 10 of the warmest places to travel during winter. These locations will be especially relevant to those of you who live in the western hemisphere.

10 Travel Safety Tips You Should Know

Here are ten things you should pay heed to whenever you travel and wherever your traveling takes you.

10 Self-Care Journaling Ideas

There is no getting around the fact that self-care is essential for maintaining our mental and physical health.

What You Need to Know About Embossed Leather

Have you been hearing the term embossed leather thrown around of late and want to know what it actually means?
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