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Frequently Asked Questions


Delivery Costs

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$4.99 Standard (USA ONLY 3-7 days)

$7.99 Expedited (USA ONLY 2-4 days)

£4.99 Standard (UK ONLY 3-7 days)

£7.99 Expedited (UK ONLY 2-4 days)

Free Shipping

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FREE Shipping for orders over $75 USD

FREE Shipping for oders over £60 GBP

Countries we deliver to

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We can deliver to FBA Export Countries, please check if your country is eligible (Google Amazon FBA Export Countries). WE RECOMMEND CHOOSING ‘PRIORITY’ DELIVERY ONLY – Cheaper delivery options may not work / could cause delays and may take over 2 weeks to deliver


What type of leather do you use?

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We use only 100% Genuine Buffalo Leather. It is High Quality Leather and is never PU, bonded or fake leather. We inspect every order for imperfections, but if anything slips through the net, please contact us and we will make it right.

My product looks different from the images on Amazon, why is that?

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As all our products are made from 100% real leather, it is therefore a natural product which always produces a variation in the look and feel. This means that you get a beautifully unique product not quite like anyone else’s!
If you are not happy with the leather appearance, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help you.

The leather looks scratched or marked. Should it be like that and can I do anything about it?

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Our leather is naturally distressed and tanned with special oil – this is what gives the real leather its vintage appearance. Don’t worry if you see scratches, rub the blemish slowly with your thumb and the natural oils on your hands will help it fade!
Again, if you feel that the marks are too severe or you can’t remove them, please get in touch.

Is the animal killed just for the leather?

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The raw leather used to make our products comes to the approved tanneries from other industries as a by-product so the whole animal has already been used for other purposes and is not killed purely for the hide.


What is the best pen/pencil to use?

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Probably the best type of pen is a gel pen or ball point pen, and pencils with a softer lead such as a 2B. However, we’ve had good feedback from customers about all sorts of different mediums that they’ve used successfully, including pencils, assorted pens, charcoals and fountain pens.

Can I use ink / a fountain pen on the cotton paper?

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It depends on how much ink the type of ink pen lays down through the nib. Some customers have said they have had very good results with ink pens. One or two customers have said that they have had a little bleed through. The cotton paper is quite fibrous and thick, so it has the ability to absorb ink well.

Can you paint on the cotton paper?

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Customers have told us they have used it for watercolors and oils with success. If you search some of the reviews some of them have described how it went and posted pictures of the results. The paper is thick and holds paint well.

What exactly is the tree-free paper?

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It is cotton paper made from cotton waste, recycled from the clothing industry in South Asia, handmade by Indian artisans – it’s environmentally friendly, as it’s tree-free and acid-free! The paper is soft and fibrous and is around 125gsm or 32lb Bond Stock.

Can the journals be refilled?

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A lot of our journals are non-refillable keepsake journals. However, we do have a clearly named Refillable Journal in our shop and our Psalm 46 Embossed Journal is also refillable. Watch this space for our Tree and Heart Journals to soon come as refillable option. We also supply lined and unlined refills for our refillable journals.

Do the journals lay flat?

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Yes, all of our journals lay flat when they are opened. Due to the type of soft leather we use, when you open the cover, the weight of the leather holds the pages open nicely.


Can I get a bulk discount for more purchases?

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The two best options we have for bulk orders is:

1. If you have an Amazon Business Account then we have business prices on all our products.

2. If you don’t have the above, we have several coupon codes on all our listing pages. Just scroll down below the fold to the promotions section

Can I get discounts on your new product releases?

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Yes, Join our VIP Club – go to the sign-up page on the ‘Warranty’ Tab

Can I have one of your products to review on my blog or on social media?

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We are always open to opportunities to promote our products but first please send us the links to your Blog/YouTube channel/Instagram/Facebook channels. If you have a relevant and credible following on your Social Media channels, then we might be able to send you a free sample in exchange for promoting our brand.

I am a blogger or influencer, do you have a referral scheme?

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Please contact us through our contact page or through Facebook Messenger and we will get in touch with you.

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