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Seeking out great artisan creators and materials to conjure up beautiful, hand-crafted and sustainable leather goods

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Quality, naturally.

The quality of our goods and service comes naturally; from the superior ethically supplied leather we select and the trusted partnerships we form. Which means we’ll only ever deliver the best, come rain or shine.

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Shooting For The Moon

Back in 2014, our aim was to build a business that created high-quality, responsibly sourced, desirable products. But that wasn’t all. We wanted to actively support the men and women that crafted them, and share at least 5% of the profit with charities worldwide. And, we’ve done it.

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10 Best Backpacking Destinations

Join us as we explore ten of the best and most epic backpacking destinations in the world!

What Type of Leather Is the Best for Your Project?

The type of leather that is best for your project will ultimately depend on what you are doing. Let's learn more.

Is Leather Sustainable?

Leather is both sustainable and unsustainable - it could be a lot better. Let's see how.
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