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Refillable Classic Journal (Lined)

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When giving a meaningful gift, the last thing you want is an inspirational journal bound with flimsy faux leather and filled with low-quality paper. At Moonster, we lovingly hand-craft each of our leather refillable journals using hand-cut, 100% full grain buffalo leather and 320 pages of 70gsm premium-milled lined paper, for quality craftsmanship you can feel.

This rustic leather refillable notebook from Moonster is the perfect writing companion for journal lovers and anyone with a taste for things with a vintage feel. Whether you’re logging your life or jotting everyday things down, you’ll always get lots of compliments on it!

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We use 100% hand made distressed buffalo leather; naturally tanned with special oils. This means our products vary in color and shade; no two journals look the same.

It’s also what gives the leather its beautiful, rich, earthy scent.


Each of our journals is crafted from handmade distressed leather that’s naturally tanned with special oils. This means our products vary in color and shade; no two journals look the same.

Tucked in a leather pen holder inside every journal, you’ll find a sleek, silver ballpoint pen that glides effortlessly across the journal’s pages.

The refillable journal set comes with lined milled paper, which can be replaced once you’ve filled your journal with thoughts and memories.


This versatile notebook is ideal for a number of uses and allows for easy handwriting, sketching, and journaling.

Measuring 8.75" x 6.25" (A5 size), it's the perfect size to take with you wherever you go.
With 320 ruled pages you can let your creativity flourish and your ideas flow!

Refill with Moonster Paper Refills (Search for "MOONSTER PAPER REFILL")


A journal is like a trusted companion. You can use it to solve problems, get creative or record precious memories in order for them to last a lifetime.

Whatever you use it for, there’s something therapeutic about putting pen to paper.

So whether your journal is home to your innermost secrets, a repository for your most important thoughts and ideas, or simply a way of keeping on top of your to-do list, we’ve got you covered.

The Refillable Journal of Choice

Classic refillable leather journal

When you’re choosing between rustic leather journals, Moonster’s Refillable Classic Journal is a great choice for looks, performance, and sustainability credentials. This smooth and simple design has a classic earthy look and great sustainability features too. For a stylish book to keep all of your thoughts, ideas, and notes in, this is a reliable option with a straightforward and classic appearance as well as a reliable design and workmanship. Bound in high-quality leather with durable premium paper inside, this is a notebook that moves through the times with you and can stand up to plenty of use.

Each journal is supplied with 320 pages of 70 gsm paper but its refillable design means you can switch out the paper whenever you need to. We also offer journal paper refills designed specifically for our leather journals, promising you a perfect fit that doesn’t compromise the appearance of your book. For stylish earthy looks as well as top performance, this is a design that doesn’t disappoint.


If you’re looking for ways to limit your impact on the planet and lead a more sustainable lifestyle, the Refillable Classic Journal is a great option. Keeping notes on paper doesn’t have to mean generating lots of waste. Having a refillable leather journal means you use up less paper compared to buying new notebooks regularly, making this journal a worthy addition to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of the key sustainability features of this journal are:

  • Ethically-sourced leather
  • Recyclable paper inside 
  • Refillable pages mean using less paper over time 
  • Durable materials that are designed to last

Whilst the journal contains lined paper, you can choose from a variety of different papers when you’re buying refills from Moonster. If you want to take an even more environmentally-friendly approach, you can choose blank refills made from acid-free recycled cotton. Whichever type of paper you choose, you can recycle it after use.


Thanks to this journal’s fantastic design and craftsmanship, you can feel confident that this book is intended to last. The journal is bound with 100% ethically-sourced full grain buffalo leather, which develops its own unique patina that’s full of character as it ages. This means that every journal becomes totally unique to its owner and expresses who you are as an individual. This is a journal that’s truly your own. 

These books are produced by hand by expert craftspeople in India. No matter how many times you refill the paper, your book will stay in one piece. A strap closure keeps your journal secure and it’s supplied with a luxury silver pen so you can start noting down all your ideas immediately. This is a quality that you can really feel and keep on appreciating for years to come.


You can, of course, treat yourself to our stylish Classic Refillable Journal but it also makes a fantastic gift for any enthusiastic writer and is a meaningful item for any occasion. The smart and simple design is ideal for anyone, but especially those who love a vintage look. Whether it’s for practical notes at work or school, creative writing, or putting down their innermost thoughts, this is a valuable gift for anyone who enjoys writing. Manufactured from great quality materials and intended to last a lifetime, this journal makes a special keepsake that your recipient can continue getting enjoyment out of for a long time. The attractive design is sure to inspire plenty of new ideas and writings.

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