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Handmade leather bags and wallets

A leather bag is practical, stylish, and durable, and can bring your whole outfit together with a cool and casual style. If you’re looking for a new duffle bag, leather messenger bag, or leather wallet, the options available from Moonster are certain to impress. We have a varied range of exclusive unisex bags in classic designs, plus phone holsters and wallets for men and women. These well-crafted accessories are able to stand up to plenty of use and are a stylish way to keep everything you need with you throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking for a leather messenger bag that shows off professional style for work or a spacious leather duffle bag that you can just throw everything into when you’re on the go, our curated collection of handmade leather bags includes a design that’s a great fit for your needs. We use 100% ethically-sourced full grain buffalo leather to make all of our bags and wallets. Some of the benefits that this material gives you are:

  • A rich leather aroma 
  • High-quality material
  • Durability and reliability
  • A unique patina
  • Deep color


The material that our rustic bags and wallets are made out of only gets better with age. If you care for the leather appropriately your bag or wallet will last you for many years to come and develop its own unique character along the way. These style-conscious designs are carefully made by hand in India by skilled artisans. This means that they are strong and reliable, whether you depend on yours every day or it’s just for occasional use. The other accessories in the collection like leather wallets and leather phone holsters are the ideal complement to your leather bag, offering the same quality design and materials plus genuine reliability.

With a range of different designs that include handy compartments and features, there’s a bag to suit every need here. Whether you’re a regular globetrotter or you need a smart bag for when you’re heading to work, the range of leather bags from Moonster includes a suitable option. Added to that, all of these designs showcase great style and are especially good if you love vintage looks. With these bags, there’s no compromise between looking fantastic and performing well.


At Moonster, we use ethically-sourced buffalo leather because it’s strong and durable, as well as looks attractive. Whatever conditions you put your bag through, you can be confident that this material is designed to withstand it. These bags are equipped with reliable zips and fixtures that are also made to stand the test of time. Every use of your bag adds to the character of the leather, making it something special and unique to you. 

It’s not just the quality of the material that’s important. We’re all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and looking for products that are kinder to the earth. We carefully source the leather we use to minimize the impact that our handmade leather bags have on the planet. Because these designs are made to last, they’re a more sustainable choice than some other types of bags. One of our ethical leather bags can be a fantastic complement to a sustainable lifestyle and give you value.


Browse our range of handmade leather bags and wallets to find the ideal design. The varied options in the collection are suitable for a broad range of different needs. If you need a sustainable and reliable bag that stands up to heavy use, a leather bag from Moonster is a great choice.

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