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What Type of Leather Is the Best for Your Project?

The type of leather that is best for your project will ultimately depend on what you are doing. Let's learn more.

Is Leather Sustainable?

Leather is both sustainable and unsustainable - it could be a lot better. Let's see how.

What Is a Weekender Bag? (And Why You Need One)

At root, a weekender bag is simply a type of bag for weekends or trips of a few days. But wait, there's more!

How Long Does Real Leather Last?

Are you wondering how long your newly-bought leather item is going to last before you have to buy a new one? How long does real leather last?

Top 10 Leather Alternatives You Need To Know

Are you sick and tired of feeling guilty about the leather products you own and wear on a daily basis? Let's explore ten of the best leather alternatives on the market today.

8-Step Guide for How to Condition Your Leather Items

Conditioning your leather is not only going to ensure your leather lasts longer, but it will also ensure that it looks even better while doing it.

How to Remove Mold From Leather: The Guide

Want to learn how to remove mold from leather? This is precisely what we will be exploring in-depth today, with some brief explanations of what mold is and how to prevent it too!

9 Working Ways to Remove Paint From Leather

Today we will be exploring 9 of the most effective ways to remove paint stains from leather with a minimum of effort on your part.

The Ultimate Guide to Mink Oil on Leather

Are you looking to rehydrate your leather but don't know where to turn? Want to get the lowdown on mink oil for leath...

5 Simple Steps to Clean Wallet Leather

Is your precious leather wallet showing signs of age? Is it garnered with stains and marks from its many years in use?

What Is English Bridle Leather?

Let's explore the history and some of the benefits and drawbacks of English bridle leather in all its forms.

What is Split Leather?

Split leather has been under your nose this whole time, lurking in the corners of almost every vehicle and every domestic environment.
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