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Lined Leather Journals

Journals scarcely come much more stylish than those bound in leather, right? How can you go wrong with such a fashion statement?

Anyone who is fond of writing or recording their thoughts, of journaling for pleasure or for work, will find something of use in a leather journal, in the way that it exhibits an air of distinction and class to those around. They are also incredibly durable against the elements in a way that so many other notebooks and journals simply are not.

"Journal. Lined, Not Blank"

You can almost imagine James Bond's famous drink order of a Martini 'shaken, not stirred' in the context of a preference for lined paper, no? This is, like Bond's signature tipple, a preference that runs deep within us. Sure, there's a time and a place for everything, but very often we are fond of one over the other and the divide between the two factions, of blank and lined, is stark and true.

Some might be of the opinion that, because this leather journal is lined, it lacks the full creative freedom offered by an entirely blank journal. This is to gravely deny the almost infinite number of uses there are for a genuine leather journal such as this.

For this leather-bound journal made from grain leather is more than just a pretty face - it is the beginning or continuation of your journey as a writer, it is the ability for you to self-analyze yourself as a therapist would for a considerably cheaper price, and it is the ability to rearrange your life through, say, a type of journaling known as bullet journaling.

So, you see, there is much more to lined paper than just a bed upon which to lay words for those less willing to write on blank paper. These full-grain leather journals contain multitudes and are just waiting to be filled with your essence.

Quality, not Quantity

At Moonster, it is all about manufacturing a quality product, hence why our journals are created in relatively small batches to ensure that quality control can be at its highest and most attentive. This means that every product that leaves us is the best it can be - and this is a quality that you should be able to feel, smell, and believe in.

Each lined leather journal by Moonster is hand-crafted using 100% full-grain buffalo leather and features however many lined pages of 70gsm premium-milled lined paper. Indeed, the quality doesn't just end where the leather cover ends and the paper begins. No, this is a quality product through and through and we defy you to disagree!

Environmentally Conscious

Some of these lined leather journals are even refillable, meaning that you can continue to do your bit for the environment. After all, if you have found the perfect journal that you want to use forever, why would you stop when the pages run out? We even offer our own refills so you can rely on the same quality paper every single time!

This is not only great if you want to be more environmentally conscious, but it is also apt if you are looking to use your lined leather journal for different purposes:

Let's say you were just using your journal for work purposes and want to go on holiday. Instead of buying a wholly separate travel journal, you can remove the pages within the journal that you have been using at work and refill the journal shell completely so that you might start afresh while you are away.

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