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Leather Travel Journals

Whether you need a journal for business and/or pleasure, you can be sure that Moonster will have you covered, bringing you forth leather travel journals that exhibit some of the highest quality on the market today.

If you are the kind of employee that often finds themselves abroad or otherwise traveling for work or pleasure - and often take a journal with you (and as often find that normal journals simply don't cut it) - then perhaps you might consider taking a Moonster journal for a spin on the next adventure you embark upon.

A Quality Product Made by Hand

At Moonster, it is all about manufacturing a quality product, hence why our leather travel journals are created in relatively small batches to ensure that quality control can be at its highest and most attentive. This means that every product that leaves us is the best it can be - and this is a quality that you should be able to feel, smell, and believe in.

Each lined leather journal by Moonster is hand-crafted using 100% full-grain buffalo leather and features however many lined pages of 70gsm premium-milled lined acid-free paper. Indeed, the quality doesn't just end where the leather cover ends and the paper begins. No, this is a quality product through and through and we defy you to disagree!

Arguably, the most important aspect of Moonster journals other than the considerable quality of the materials involved is the fact that each one is made by hand. This means that not only are we able to invest a considerable amount of effort into each product, but the ability to check the quality is as high as it can be as each product is made by a dedicated worker.

Strong and Stylish

While every single Moonster leather travel journal has its own claim to stylishness, this is not the only reason so many flock to use a leather travel journal in their adventures away from home. No, leather journals are so often called upon to take on the mantel of a travel diary because they are so strong and durable.

If you've ever owned anything made of genuine leather, you will know exactly what we mean. This stuff is almost indestructible (and sometimes even bulletproof), so you can easily rely on a leather notebook to be one of your most trusted examples of a traveler's notebook.

So, whether you are looking to use your leather travel journal for personal reasons or whether you intend to use it as a bullet journal for work - or both - then you can rest assured, that a Moonster journal will go the whole distance.

Travel Memories of the World

It is important to note that Moonster is serious about its environmental impact and does everything it can to reduce its footprint on the world as much as possible while still providing a quality product.

If you still want there to be a world for you to travel on and to make memories in, then you need to start paying heed to the heady and lengthy exhales that this planet is emitting under the immense pressure of global warming and pollution.

There is, then, the option to purchase just about any leather travel journal in a refillable option as well as to purchase the refill of paper stock from the Moonster store, ensuring that you keep the same style and quality for life. Artisans will no doubt rejoice when they realize that they will be able to keep the same quality styles of paper for a whole lifetime!

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