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Starting an Affirmation Journal: 10 Ideas & Affirmations to Get Started

Are you looking to change yourself via journaling? Have you tried loads of other types of journaling and self-help that just never seemed to stick? Would like to try your hand at an affirmation journal and see whether or not it is suited to your needs and desires?

Then step right up and follow us as we take a step through ten great affirmations to get you started on your affirmation journal journey.

1. You are Enough

It's true, you are! And so is everyone, despite what the niggling inner voices in the back of our heads might do to negate our daily affirmation journal.

2. You Love Your Body and All It Does for You

This is something important to remember in the face of the constant barrage of so-called perfect bodies littered all over media, advertisements, social media, TV, Netflix, etc. Your own body is fine enough as it is.

3. You are Worthy of Love

This is another thing that is easy to forget. Just as you should be grateful for the things in your life, you should also be thankful for yourself and admit that you are indeed worthy of love and attention.

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4. Everything You Need is Already Within You

Even though it is tempting to feel like our progress can be bought, all of the tools we need to change for the better are in fact already within us. Repeating such an affirmation to yourself will help you get to a point where you believe this is true too.

5. You Let Go of All That Does Not Serve You

Though it is easier said than done, it is important to try and let go of all those things that are not otherwise serving your progress. This very often comes in the form of bad habits or loved ones who, though dear to you once, have since become more of a relic of a time that you would rather forget. Positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you are making the right decision.

6. Healing Doesn't Happen in a Straight Line

Just as you can engage with change, it can be easy to forget that the route that this change takes doesn't always continue on in the same direction all the time, nor even at the same trajectory. Rather, sometimes change will take larger strides than others and that's okay. We must learn not to beat ourselves up about it when it feels like we are not proceeding fast enough. This is where journal prompts come in.

7. You Choose Progress Over Perfection

The sooner we collectively and individually admit that nothing can or will be perfect - and the sooner we admit defeat and accept that this is a damning way to view the world - the quicker we will be able to make change within ourselves and the world for the better. Perfection might not be achievable necessarily, but progress always can. After all, if the perfect is never truly attainable, then there is always room for improvement, eh?

8. You Have a Lot to Offer the World

As always, it is often easy to forget just how much we individually have to offer the world. Sure, with the increasing rate of information transfer on the internet, we may see ever-more amazing acts that seem beyond our reach, though this must once have been the perspective of those committing such acts.

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9. You are NOT Your Mistakes or Flaws

If you forget anything today, let it be the notion that we must constantly be defined by the mistakes we make, whether that be last week or last year. Our relationships should not be based on the past but on the future, the ability to make changes and actually do something different.

10. You Honor Your Own Life Path

Most importantly, you must honor your own self and refuse to digest any reality and future that you are fed by anyone else. You are the center of your own universe and must adjust your path through life accordingly.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to start your own affirmation journal!

FAQs Affirmation Journal


An affirmation journal is a journal within which you write affirmations. Affirmations are small mantras to be repeated to oneself in order to remind oneself of something. Very often, these affirmations are used to remind us that we are enough, we are balanced, our inner world creates our outer world, we have the ability to reclaim our power, we deserve happiness and joy, the universe has our back, it is a good day to be alive, good things are ahead of us, and that good things are coming, etc.

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The most important thing when writing any journal is to be as true to yourself as possible. It's no use just copying a template from a website and thinking that you can be done with it quickly. Improving yourself is a long process that often never ends - perfection, after all, is more a construct than a reality. Thus, you are best advised to begin from within and construct a journal template and a series of affirmations that are reflective of your own issues and desires. Only then can you be sure that you are tackling your own problems personally.

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