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journaling for self discovery

25 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Are you looking to find some things out about yourself? Have you decided that journaling is the way to do it, especially considering the extortionate prices some therapists charge? Do you want some journal prompts for self-discovery so that you can get a better handle on yourself and where you're at?

Then join us in exploring these 25 journal prompts for self-discovery!

self discovery journal

1. Changing

Changing Is there anything that you might like to change about yourself? Well, first and foremost, it would be worth investigating why exactly you feel like that, whence that feeling comes from, and what exactly you propose to do about it. Getting a firmer hold on this is one of the most important journal prompts for self-discovery of any kind.

2. Trying

Is there anything that you have been meaning to try for a while but haven't got around to it, either because of your own hesitation or because of external factors? Now might be the time to buckle up and get to it, cowboy!

3. Improving

Are there any things about yourself and your life that you feel you could improve upon? Make a note of at least three of them and, if you feel like it, go into a little more detail as to how they affect you and how you might better yourself by bettering them.

4. Saying (No)

Would you say that there are things in your life that you might prefer to say no to? It's very easy to just go along with the tide of opinion instead of forging your own way, but try to make a note of all those times so that you can get a better hold on your own self.

5. Succeeding

Is there anything that you feel you could succeed better at? Self-discovery journal prompts are here to help with that, allowing you to excel here, there, and everywhere.

6. Wishing

Might you be inclined to believe that there's something in your life that you wish you had already done? Why is that? Exploring unrealized hopes and ambitions through self-discovery journaling can be a great way to feel less guilt about it and then move on to greater things.

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7. Being (Grateful)

In the manner of gratitude journaling, is there anything that you wish you were more grateful for? Dip your toes into the water of gratitude journaling and make a note of this thing or multiple things so that you can be as grateful as you would wish.

8. Being (Happy)

To counter all those negative thoughts, is there anything that you are really happy with? Part of your self-discovery journey will be exploring all the things that make you happy - it's not all about surfing those negative thoughts, after all.

9. Happening

Why not try and name at least one thing that you would really like to happen? This can be something that you have always wanted to happen or something that is more local to the here and now, no matter how far-fetched or simple it might seem. Make a note of it and sit back with ever so slightly bolder mental health.

10. Simplifying

Would you say that there's anything about your life that you would like to simplify? Well, go ahead and make a note of them - in seeing these things for what they are, perhaps you can get a better grip on them for the sake of your personal growth.

11. Organizing

Perhaps you are the kind of person who is always lamenting the lack of organization in your life - well, what are you going to do about it?! Make room for some personal development in your daily life and write a priority list of the things you would ideally most like to change!

12. Making (Time)

Are you the kind of person who always feels like there just isn't enough time in the day to do all the things you would like to? Make a list of the things you would most like to make more time for.

13. Saying

In a similar vein to wishing for something in your life to be different, are you the kind of person that constantly wishes they had said something different in a certain situation? Make a list of each instance or, if it is one particular instance that plagues you, then explore that one example in more detail.

14. Knowing (Before)

Are there things that you have come to know that, in retrospect, you think would have helped you along in life in some way? What are these things and what would they have taught you along the way.

15. Knowing (More)

Instead of just lamenting all the things you don't know, ask yourself what things you wish you knew more about. Getting a grapple on, say, your dream job or some self-care journaling is a great way to show yourself some self-love while learning more things about yourself and the world around you.

16. Giving (Up)

Are there any hobbies or activities that you once did that you wish you hadn't given up? Why not explore these in more detail as well as the reason that you gave them up in the first place so that you can make better decisions in the future?

17. Doing (Again)

In a similar, you might ask yourself about things that you have done in the past that you would like to do again. These don't have to be long-term hobbies but rather more short-term and epiphanic tasks and activities.

18. Looking (Forward)

Now is as ripe an opportunity as ever to chronicle some things that you are looking forward to, especially if you find yourself in a bit of a damp patch mentally and need some reminding of the good things in life. Take this moment to engage in some self-reflection.

19. Doing (Without)

Why not try limiting beliefs and work out some things that you could do without? Self-awareness isn't just about working out what you need - rather, it is also about working out what you are getting too much of so that you can have a complete picture of your needs and wants.

20. Imagining

For a real life change, you can try imagining yourself in different scenarios that you can conceive of - not only is this a great way to stretch your imagination, but it's also an apt way to increase your own self-worth. We are all, after all, privy to our inner critic. Make a positive impact instead!

21. Appreciating

Now is also as good a time as any to think about some things that you might otherwise appreciate a little better. This really can be anything so let your mind run wild - the more personal this chronicle gets, the easier it will be to go about appreciating this thing in the future.

22. Loving (Yourself)

One of the key facets of self-discovery journaling is to get in touch with yourself and to love yourself more. Sure, there are bound to be plenty of things that you dislike about yourself, but the key is to approach these negatives from as objective a place as possible and, ultimately, to cut yourself some slack.

23. Loving (As You Are)

Just as you can try and search the void for a bunch of different things that you would like to love about yourself, there is equally going to be a whole bunch of things that you already love about yourself that your negative headspaces prevent you from seeing clearly. Make a note of these in as much detail as possible and try to stay focused throughout the exercise.

24. Dreaming

Now's the time to get out that bucket list and make a note here of the things that your mind finds itself wandering toward when it's left unchecked. No matter how wild it might seem, let your mind flow madly and chronicle all the deepest, darkest dreams it might have from day to day without your realizing it.

Try dream journaling if this is something of particular interest to you - you can even find some templates here.

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Dream Create Inspire Journal
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25. Aspiring

As has already been touched upon previously, you might wish to use these closing moments to reflect on some things that you holistically wish yourself to be. Now that you have some idea of what or where you want to be, try to write in as much detail what you can do to make these dreams a reality.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to explore yourself with these journal prompts and even some of your own!

FAQs Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery


Quite literally, journal prompts for the exploration of identity will be a series of prompts to be written in a journal that a user can use in order to explore their own identity in much the same way that they might with a therapist (only for a fraction of the price). Some common prompts might ask the user what kinds of things make them happy, where they hope to be in a certain number of years, what they dream of doing, what things have been weighing them down with worry, etc.


The key to self-discovery through journaling is to be as honest and personal as possible. If you approach any kind of journaling with your typical repressed barriers up, you are effectively wasting your time and ensuring that the exercise will prove fruitless. Be as personal and honest with yourself as possible (just as you would be with a therapist).

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