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10 Morning Journal Prompts for a Good Day

Are you looking to start your day right? Do you need a keen series of morning journal prompts to get you stepping in the right direction?

Then join us as we explore 10 of the best morning journal prompts to allow you to start your day the right way!

1. Your Soul

You can begin your day right by using a morning journal prompt that is focused on the needs and wants of your soul on this specific day.

What else is a morning journaling practice about if not allowing you to get in touch with the real needs, wants, desires, and yearnings of your soul?

You can flex your own morning journaling routine by making this a part of your overall morning routine, connecting your conscious mind with your soul. In this way, you can be sure that you are going to feel things fully and properly today.

2. Excitement

Now might be a great opportunity to explore something that you are particularly excited about today. Perhaps you are excited about a number of different things and, thus, are looking to use morning journal writing prompts like this to properly digest all these separate things.

In the same way, you might be feeling a little depressed or otherwise unable to get yourself excited about things. Such a state of mind is best remedied by journaling in the morning, using the format to chronicle all of the things you have to look forward to on this day and evermore.

3. Welcome More

Why not introduce an aspect to your morning journal practice that helps you to introduce more of something into your life? Such self-discovery is part of what makes the exploration of morning pages so exciting.

If the scope of such a prompt in your morning journal time is perhaps a little too broad, then you can just look at what you would benefit from introducing into your life on the day ahead of you. In this way, you can use journaling prompts to bring smaller changes into your life that will have a greater effect over time.

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4. Gratitude

Those that are not already accustomed to all that gratitude journaling can bring to you might do well to wrap their heads around it through their morning journal habit. Many studies have shown that expressing gratitude for the things that you already have in life will not only increase your satisfaction with your present lot but also increase your happiness and well-being.

So, before you get up, try taking some time to explore at least 3 things that you are immediately grateful for today. Perhaps it is something that happened yesterday or it could simply be the absence of any negative feelings.

5. Joy

In much the same way that you might use morning journaling prompts to express things that you are presently grateful for, you might also use such prompts to make a note of things that you can do to bring joy into the world.

Indeed, this might be your own joy or it might even be joy on the part of someone else. So, before you rise and have your breakfast, try writing down at least one thing that you can do to bring yourself joy and then that you can do to bring joy to another today.

6. Praise & Prayer

If you are religious or in any way spiritual and have already been trying out different journaling practices, then chances are you have already tried writing a prayer in your leather journal. Indeed, you might even be writing your prayers into your journal and spending time meditating already.

Still, another prayer or element of praise in your journal can't hurt, especially if you are doing so in the morning. It is all too common for prayers to only be said at night, acting as some sort of spiritual sedative that aids sleep. You can change that!

7.The End of the Day

Though you might not want to think so far ahead, it can be very beneficial to reckon with the end of the day as you are beginning it.

Even if you don't want to go into too much depth, you can still set a few things or emotions that you would like to feel by the end of the day as you are preparing for slumber. Writing them down in a format such as this will allow you to reckon with them at the day's end to see how close you came to perfection.

8. Ease of Use

Though there are a plethora of different types of journals - the precise number being essentially unlimited as new forms are conjured up every day - many of these different varieties are at the very least aligned in their penchant for focusing on goals.

A useful way to start your day might be to consider how you can help yourself achieve those goals a little better, making the work easier for yourself. The answer to this will vary depending specifically on the goal in question.

You might, for example, wish to curb your snacking after dinner, to which you might reply by making a fruit tea after dinner and then brushing your teeth.

9. Day Trip

If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed at the moment, then you can prepare yourself for the worst by bolstering your defenses against the problems that you might face.

Of course, the modern world is rife with surprises and some places and times seem to incite coincidence and chance more than others. Rather than bestowing you with anxiety, this exercise should instead allow you to work toward the general problems you might face instead of attempting to plot out the infinite possibilities that a day can bring.

morning journal prompts

10. Affirmation

What else is the modern journal for if not allowing you a place to lay birth to a series of vapid and hollow affirmations that will soon act as a bowl for the ashes of capitalism's imminent combustion?

Defined as a simple statement that helps you to define yourself and sow belief in your own mind, an affirmation is a useful tool for feeling through the sometimes endless void of modern existence. Not quite a candle, an affirmation is more like an endowment of the senses of touch, allowing the outstretched hand of the child of light to feel more acutely the child of the dark breathing out there in the nothingness.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to tackle the day the right way thanks to the aforementioned series of morning journal.

FAQs Morning Journal Prompts


A morning journal can be used however you would like to. The thing that really makes journaling such a worthwhile pursuit is how personalized it can be, meaning that every journal is (or at least should be) different from others in the same sort of area. In this way, you should really use a morning journal in the ways that are going to best suit your own needs, wants, or desires.


This remains to be seen by each individual user. For every journaler who uses a morning journal and reaps the benefits, there will likely be at least one other who might have preferred to have a lie-in instead, catching some well-needed extra shut-eye.


The reason for you to journal in the morning will no doubt be different for every single different journaler. Some might be looking to explore some of their anxieties about the day ahead while others will be looking to this practice to simply bolster their happiness and confidence before facing the day, expressing in the latter example the things they are grateful for and excited about.


With a routine such as this, the most important thing is likely consistency, keeping to the practice as often as possible in the face of the many deterrents to habit-forming that exist today. If you can keep to it in the face of these things, then you will no doubt form a habit that is worth keeping, ingraining it into your schedule and ensuring that it doesn't go anywhere any time soon.


Morning journal prompts are precisely what they say on the tin, providing the user with prompts to work through in their journal in the morning. More than this, though, they can be considered a separate type of journaling from others, especially as they are so often called upon to communicate and connect with other forms of journaling and wellness practices.


No one should categorically tell you why or why not to engage with any kind of journaling practice and the same goes for morning journaling in all its forms. That being said, there are a number of benefits to engaging with a morning journaling practice - it is often called upon especially to bolster people against the trials of the day.

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Morning journaling is often called upon to allow people to bolster themselves against the trials of the day or to allow them to process the things that they are thankful for in their general life as well as in the day they are about to face.

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