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spiritual journaling prompts

10 Spiritual Journal Prompts to Connect to Your Spirit

Are you looking to search within yourself for the rhyme and reason of your faith? Do you have your doubts about the divine presence and seek to validate yourself with spiritual journaling prompts?

Well, you are in luck as we will be exploring 10 useful spiritual journaling prompts for your today that you may bring yourself closer to the real with the lord.

spiritual journaling prompts

1. Images

To get an aleatoric experience, try flipping through social media at random and stopping on an image. Using this image as the basis for spiritual journaling prompts, you can explore what the image is to you and how it makes you feel.

If the image does not feel particularly relevant, you can find a new one, though it can be useful to stick with in some instances. Your spiritual journey is often marked by certain points that do not seem relevant at first but whose relevance is revealed over time.

2. Meditations on Images

In this way, you can explore your own spirituality and spiritual practice by exploring some abstract images. These images can be right before you, though some say that it is more powerful for one's spiritual growth to imagine the images in your mind.

So, take this image in whatever form it might present itself and engage it with your spiritual journal writing. Meditate, for example, on light and warmth by dwelling on images of fire. This is one of the spiritual practices that will definitely get you in touch with the aboriginal self, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

3. The Seasons

Your spiritual life might just as easily be marred at every turn by the metamorphosing of the seasons. Depending on where you live in the world, your years might always be geared toward the warmer months. In this way, you can use writing prompts to explore your relationship to the seasons in a more abstract way.

So, if you are always looking forward to Summer, try exploring this season by writing about how it impacts your spiritual self. Or, if you are currently in winter, you can explore it in your daily life journal, writing about a time when the season most afflicted you. Overcoming writer's block need be no more difficult than getting started!

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4. Interviews

If you really want to get into the realm of the impossible with your spiritual being, why not try interviewing people that you might not otherwise get the chance to interview about their spiritual practice?

This can include any notable people of the spirit that you can think of, though would be especially helpful if you are already an admirer of their methods. Some examples include Mary Magdalene, Isaiah, Eve, Rabbi Herschel, and even the Dalai Lama.

This is the perfect place to get to the nitty gritty of their spiritual beliefs, to get to know what really makes the tick.

5. The Divine

Now, you can try consulting the divine, or rather let the divine consult you. Ask yourself what the divine would ask you today if he were to descend from heaven. What would your answer be? Which representative of the divine presence is going to come down for you?

If you've been really naughty, then you might even feel as though it is a visit from the devil that you are going to get. Such feelings are perfectly valid and, in giving them a response, you can hope to progress through it into spiritual awakening.

6. Future Self

A great way to engage with journaling - and one that many proponents of journaling are often given cause to recommend - is the art of future self journaling. This can take many forms, though, in essence, it is a way to make direct or indirect contact with your future self, using the journal to make contact.

This can be useful in a number of ways, though chiefly it is used to make peace with a part of yourself that is otherwise plaguing you or to make plans for your future self outside of your current means.

7. Fears

An interesting line of thought to follow might come in the form of your fears and phobias. Such things can have a direct impact on our perception of the lord and how we connect to the divine presence, especially when we consider that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

That's right! The lord has it all mapped out. All we have to do is follow those commandments and ensure that we are being as good as we can be, confessing to our local clergyman whenever we feel we have done wrong by the lord.

8. Scripture

If you are so inclined, try picking a particularly meaningful bit of scripture that you would be willing to analyze in detail.

When was the first time you remember hearing or reading this passage? What was your initial reaction? Is this a piece of scripture that took you a little longer to come around to? Or was it one that hit you straight away and has never left you?

Where are you in the story of this piece of scripture? What characters or words do you associate yourself with? Where were you when you read or heard this piece of scripture for the first time and what is the relevance of this place to you

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about this passage? Is it just a feeling that you can't describe? Try describing it and verbalizing it. Far from erasing the feeling, it can actually enhance it.

Are there any words that particularly stick out to you in this phrase? Why is that? Are these words relevant to you outside of this piece of scripture or is it just within the power of this scripture that the force of those words resides?

Now that you have addressed these important questions, why not try retelling the story or moral of the scripture in your own words? This is a great way to explore precisely what this means to you, even if you struggled with getting your head around any of the previous questions.

Who knows, you might even learn something new about yourself along the way, having explored fully and deeply your relationship with a particularly meaningful piece of scripture. Hopefully, you now feel more complete as an individual and that the particular piece of scripture you have discussed hasn't lost its luster in the process.

9. Listing (I)

First of all, try listing all of the emotions you felt in the last week (or another set time scale). People sure do sift through the emotions without even doing anything to prompt them. It would not be wrong to suggest that emotions control us rather than the other way around.

Thus, it can be a helpful exercise to give them all a name and to, again, verbalize them to make more sense of them. In shining light on something, it is hoped that it can be cleaned and this ill feeling can be brought to right.

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10. Listing (II)

Now, as a bonus exercise, try listing all of the ways in which you feel that your life has been touched by the divine presence. This can be a great way to really validate your lived experience of faith by evincing the ways in which your reality has actually been affected by the spiritual.

Equally, this might be a way in which you communicate the fact that you are having doubts about your faith. Such an exercise can either help you to bolster your faith by showing all the times in which you and your life have been graced by the lord, or can in fact shed light on burgeoning atheism.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have been able to bring yourself closer to the divine presence in these exercises!

FAQs Spiritual Journaling Prompts


What many seem to neglect when starting their own journaling practice is just how personal a journal can and should be. This is your journal, so while it might not exactly be a direct representation of what is going on in your head, it should be used for and filled with whatever you want to fill it with. Use a journal for whatever is most useful to you at a given time. Sure, use some prompts from time to time to get you started, but otherwise, just try and begin searching from the outside in.


The key thing with making a spiritual journey is to be conscious and considerate of your own spirit and spiritual development as you are engaging with it. At some point, you will need to ask yourself what your spiritual practice needs. Some might not need a spiritual journal - it might, instead, cause them to question their faith. Equally, some might need it to bolster their faith once more.

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