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12 Best Wellness Journals

Are you looking for a wellness journal with a very specific aim in mind? Are you intending to fuse your mission for wellness with a bunch of other different journaling concepts?

Then step right up and take your pick from these 12 wellness journals that are allegedly purported to be the best in the biz!

journaling for wellness

1. Personal and Professional Life

For this area, you may well want to focus on your mental health through personal and professional development by using The Designing Your Life Workbook.

Founded on the life design movement, this work planner is an indispensable aid for those looking to help build a future of digging deep into goals, motivations, skills, and interests productively.

Indeed, this wellness journal includes some of the most diverse tools and exercises for helping you to challenge different aspects of your productivity, including charts, worksheets, dot-grid sections, prompts of all shapes and sizes, as well as a dashboard that can help to navigate your work-life balance.

2. Guided Mindfulness

If you are looking for something akin to a mindfulness journal but that also borders with wellness in a crucial way, then perhaps you will be inclined toward A Year of Zen.

In this journal, self-reflection really is the modus operandi, providing the user with a solid weekly structure for forming new thoughts and connections via the subconscious.

As indicated by the title, this is a vaguely spiritual affair that, when engaged with properly, can provide eons of clarity through mindfulness, and reduce any symptoms of burning out as they come.

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3. Anxiety & Depression

Those afflicted with any form of anxiety and/or depression might find themselves more interested in a book like the Papier Joy Wellness Journal.

This wellness planner is great for anyone who might forget to practice modes of joy in their day-to-day life. Far from being an entirely frivolous activity, exercising joy in this way is actually a great way to engage with self care. For this reason, the Papier wellness journal is likely the best wellness journal for anyone struggling to give themselves some love.

Make this journal part of your own personal development of a self-care routine now, recording down your thoughts, intentions, meals, arenas of gratitude journaling, etc.

4. Gratitude Reflection

Those who are looking for something a little more centered on gratitude journaling might prefer to cut the crap and opt instead to tackle it head-on with Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal.

Intended to help you tackle any issues you might have with gratitude, this 90-day course is a great way to simultaneously reduce any stress you might be exhibiting and improve your self-esteem without needing to dedicate your time to a self-esteem journal.

The essential clarity that you achieve here will then bleed forth into other areas of your life and help you be more joyful generally.

5. Positivity

Is your problem more to do with a simple lack of positivity in your day-to-day life? Well, then you might want to have a look at the BetterDay Journal.

Featuring daily prompts within a simple and easy-to-understand structure, this journal is certainly one of the premier ways to ignore that feeling of inadequacy scratching at the back of your mind progressively louder with each passing day.

Besides a gratitude journal, this is also one of the best ways to express thanks in all areas of your life. This is a mammoth collection of prompts for those who are not easily satisfied.

6. Fitness Tracking

If your issues have more to do with your inability to stay as fit as you would like, then perhaps you could do with at least flicking through the NewMe Fitness Journal.

No matter your level of experience with staying fit, you can hop into your fitness journey afresh with this wellness map that offers forth daily overview pages overflowing with daily intentions, tracking habits, and meal planning.

This is no blank notebook - rather, it is chock full of helpful tips and tricks to help you achieve all of your wellness goals and ambitions.

7. Health & Activity

Closely related but by no means the same, the ability to track one's health in relation to the physical and mental activities that are engaged in each day is best exercised with the Clever Fox Wellness Planner.

Instead of focusing more on exercise and fitness, this planner seeks to place more precedence on the things we do with and to our body each day, placing more emphasis on, say, water intake, self-awareness, and overall health, providing space for healthy goals as opposed to fitness goals.

In this way, you might say this book has a more holistic approach than the previous journal.

8. Starting the Day

If you wake up alone and often wish you had a companion to help you rise that doesn't speak back at you or look at you funny when you tell them about the psychosocial contents of your recently extinguished dream, then perhaps you will relish Two Minute Mornings.

A lot of journalers swear by journaling as soon as they wake up. This doesn't have to pertain to sleep journaling or dream journaling either. This is just a practice that many journalers truly believe helps almost all facets of life. Why not give it a go within a structured journal?

9. Personal Mantras

If you are the kind of person that thrives on affirmations and personal mantras, then you are just going to love the Ink+Volt Mantra Journal.

By utilizing 36 inspirational quotes by notable thinkers from across a broad spectrum of experiences, this book seeks to help you form new connections to ideas far and wide and to help you develop your own mantras for going out into the world.

Rather than sitting like a sage on a cold and wet rock, you can just flip through this book and develop your own style of philosophical approach accordingly.

Dream Create Inspire Journal
Dream Create Inspire Journal
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10. Personal Development

If you are looking to fully engage with your own personal development and not pull any punches, then try out the BestSelf SelfJournal.

Though a little overpriced for what it is, this really is the ultimate journal for anyone looking to focus on setting some real concrete goals that are actually going to get the job done. Using methods based on actual psychology and science, this journal is a firm believer in positive mental health, allowing you to track your own personal development goals safely and immediately.

The structure here is comprehensive and relentless - this really isn't for anyone whose heart is not in it.

11. Visual Organization

If your own style of organizing yourself is more visual and has less to do with words or thoughts, then you can do no better than the Northbooks A5 Dotted Bullet Notebook.

Unlike all the other journals here arrayed, this journal is blank aside from the dots that help to keep the text aligned. In this way, it is perfect for setting out your own structure that works best for you. In the eyes of the pros, this is the only way to go about journaling as it is the only way that it can truly be personal for you are outlining and structuring it all yourself.

12. Daily Focus

Those who struggle to keep up the same level of focus from day to day might prefer to use a journal that is specifically designed to help with that like, say, The Full Focus Journal.

Formulated by leadership, business, and time-management expert Michael Hyatt, this simple and minimally designed journal is constructed to help prospective journalers to achieve clarity and focus each day even if something within them says no.

We have all been there when our heart is not in it but we know we need to engage and stay on it. This journal is just the thing for anyone with such a problem.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to engage with wellness journaling in your own way!

FAQs Wellness Journals


A wellness journal should be a journal that focuses on your wellness. That might sound obvious but it is an easy thing to forget if you have either been doing it for too long or haven't been doing it at all. The most important thing to remember and keep to is to ensure that it is as personal as it can possibly be.


There is no set number of pages in a wellness journal. Rather, it should be as long as it takes for you to get to where you need to be (and often these things are ongoing, meaning there is no real start or end).


Maintaining a wellness journal is as simple as being honest with yourself. Of course, this is easier said than done, but as long as you follow this to the best of your ability you will get the most out of your own journal. There's no point engaging with anything if you are not going to be true to the cause.

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