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15 Best Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Are you looking to get a gift for your resident travel lover but know not where to turn? Do you feel altogether stumped, as though you have already got them everything they could possibly want?

Then look no further, for today we outline 15 of the best gifts for travel lovers!

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1. Travel Experience

There is surely no greater gift among the great gifts for travel lovers than to gift a lover travel a travel experience abroad.
This is a great gift that everyone can carry on with them to the grave. Most travel gifts will be centric on accessories for traveling abroad, whereas here you can actually help a travel lover to get abroad in the first place.

This is the perfect gift for any travel lover, especially those who might otherwise have fallen on hard times and might not otherwise be able to afford to go abroad this year.

2. Portable Speaker

One of the greatest sacrifices a travel lover who also loves music has to make when traveling abroad is to leave their record or music collection behind. For such a person, travel gift ideas should then be centric on bringing this music collection to as many different places as possible, right?

A portable speaker is not only a practical gift, but it is also a sensical gift. Travel lover gifts will never be so judicious in their concern.

3. Espresso Machine

If the object of your gift is nothing without their morning coffee, then you would be wrong not to gift them a portable coffee maker. Of course, it is not unlikely that their hotel room might even come equipped with one, but if they are the kind of holidaymaker that is fond of going off the beaten track a little, the chances are that they will need a coffee machine of their own.

We have all seen the withdrawal effects of coffee on an addicted individual - let's not perpetuate the feeling. If they aren't going to give it up, you may as well give them what they need/want.

4. Body Care

More than packing cubes and other more practical gifts, offering skin and body care products to prospective holidayers is a great way to show that you care for their wellbeing, whether they are going on a camping trip or a cruise.

For the worldly and responsible traveler in your life, you can also go one step further and buy sustainable and natural body care products that are made from organic and recyclable ingredients.

Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag
Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag
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5. Hammock

As far as fun travel gifts go, this really is among the best of them, especially if the object of your gift-giving is someone for whom comfort is among their top priorities.

If you and/or this person are likely to be going off the beaten track, then you can scarcely do better than giving them a portable bed that can be hung just about anywhere and that is also comfortable. Not only that, but this thing is incredibly portable and compact, compressing into an incredibly small chassis once packed.

If you are looking for any of the best gifts for someone with a bad back, then you are looking at it.

6. Clothing

Of course, where would we all be without clothing? Since the biblical expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden by an oligarchical god, we have all felt some degree of shame when bearing our nude bodies to those we are not already comfortable with.

Ever since then, we have been subject to clothing as a method of keeping our parts from the watchful gaze of others and the god above who wrote the law.

Wherever you and/or the receiver of your gift go, the law is likely to be that clothing is necessary, so proceed accordingly! If they are fond of leather, try these leather gift ideas!

7. Earbuds

Of course, if the recipient of your gift-giving tendencies is more inclined to listen to music on their own terms, you might think about gifting them a pair of earbuds or headphones, whether they're wireless or not.

Wireless headphones are altogether more practical, though this comes at the cost of audio quality - this dip is something that many won't immediately notice, however.

If your gift recipient is a bit of an audiophile, then definitely make sure you are purchasing wired headphones.

8. Gift Experience

Of course, if the idea of sending the recipient of your luxury travel gifts abroad wasn't enough, you can also send them to another place with a specific objective in mind.

Using gift experiences is a great way to cater to the specific needs and interests of your recipient. You can easily use websites such as Tinggly to find the right experience based on gender or various hobbies and the like.

9. Instrument

Of course, if your recipient's love for music doesn't just end at listening to and appreciating the music but, rather, extends to playing an instrument, then perhaps you might think about providing them with an instrument that they can use abroad.

Nothing is worse than trying to have a good time abroad but continually feeling your muscle memory reaching out for an instrument that isn't there - you can change that!

There are, in fact, plenty of great travel instruments to choose from nowadays, many of which don't sacrifice all that much in the way of quality.

You can, for example, pick up a travel guitar from Martin Guitars, one of the most esteemed acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world. There are even electric guitars that are both portable and feature an amplification device and speaker built into their chassis.

If you are looking for a bit of a change, though, you might think to take a smaller instrument that you don't have as much experience with like, say, a kalimba or tin flute.

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Leather Duffle Bag
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10. Decks

Of course, the recipient's interest in making music might rear its head in a different way. Instead of performing on an instrument, they might instead prefer to mix songs together on a set of decks.

Well, thankfully there are such things as travel decks (such as those made by Numark) that enable those who make music in this way to take their hobby and style abroad with them wherever they go.

11. Water Purification

Far more practical than, say, a passport holder is a water purification device. If traveling in a country with a less-than-ideal sanitary situation, this kind of device could spell the difference between life and death.

Forget worrying about dirty clothes and laundry - if you drink the wrong kind of dirty water, you could very well be on your way to a hospital or an early grave.

Devices like this enable you to purify water before drinking it, thereby enabling you to sidestep many of the issues that otherwise affect the local population of a place. Never before has the line between tourism and colonialism been so demarcated and yet so blurred!

12. Games

Any frequent traveler will tell you that one of the least-desirable parts of traveling is the traveling itself. Why not purchase from among these unique gift ideas one of those fun gifts that lubricates the process of traveling for a seasoned traveler?

What better way to speed up the process than to play a game to pass the time? You will no doubt already be aware of just how quickly time passes by when the mind is distracted by playing a game and imagining another world. The more enveloping the game, the more rapidly the world outside will pass by, so make sure you choose an accordingly good game (or even two just for the sake of it)!

13. Mini Projector

Just as plenty of travel lovers are also likely to be lovers of music, there will also no doubt be plenty of travelers who are also fond of films. Such people will probably feel rather sad not to be able to take their passion with them abroad.

But wait, they can, with a mini projector that is capable of projecting their films onto just about any surface! Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can get some really great projectors that can even compete with larger ones at home.

14. Alcohol

If the traveler in question is one that is traveling to forget and to run away from something in their hometown, then perhaps they would be better suited simply drowning their troubles in a big puddle of liquor.

Alcohol is among the most widely distributed Christmas gifts for adults, especially when the gift-giver and gift-receiver are both adults and have little else in the way of connection other than tipsy conversations by the BBQ at a family party. For this travel-loving friend or relative, you can surely do no wrong by getting them more alcohol upon which they can get soused.

15. Painting

Finally, if the travel lover in question is altogether fond of a specific place, then why not get them a memento of this place in the form of a painting?

The internet has done wonders for the democratization of art and you are likely to find countless artists who have already rendered this specific place in an artistic form and who are offering their services or their product for a reasonable price.

You can scarcely do wrong by at least searching for it!

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to give your resident travel lover everything they need to get back out there into the big wide world and away from the claustrophobia of home!

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