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13 Cheapest Places To Travel In Europe

Eager to escape the gloomy winter weather? Or do you want to book your summer holidays ahead of time to save money? Well, if you visit the cheapest places to travel in Europe then you will not necessarily need to book so far in advance.

Thus, we will be exploring this very topic today, going through 13 of the cheapest places to travel in Europe so that you can get the most out of the continent.

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1. Croatia

Of all the cheapest European countries, this is definitely a personal favorite. The history here is deep, the architecture stunning, the floristry fragrant, and the seafood fresh.

Of course, not all the spots in Croatia are going to be as cheap as others. The capital city of Dubrovnik, for example, is inherently more expensive than, say, some of the backpacker hotspots like Zadar, Zagreb, or Split.

Centers like this will inherently be more centric on tourism and the like, but if you are really set on seeing it then it will not cave in your funds too much.

2. Czechia

This location, though it has begun to gain traction as a tourist destination, it is still a great country to visit if you want to save money without saving on any of the fun or beauty.

Certainly the cheapest country in this area of the world - or one of them at least - Czechia really shows the rest of central Europe how it is done.

As with others, the capital city is a bit of a cash suck. Despite its beauty, Prague city center is designed to be a tourist, so be warned. One of the biggest budget travel tips you could ever get is to avoid cities like this.

3. Romania

If this is not a Unesco world heritage site then it really should be! As Unesco world heritage sites - or prospective ones at least - go, this one is brimming with cultural attractions and free walking tours, far more than its reputation as a tourist destination suggests.

As far as European capitals go, this is one of the cheapest cities you could choose to visit. Let us not forget its cultural heritage as a location in Bram Stoker's Dracula either. With plenty of castles, mountains, forests, and national parks, you really will be spoiled for things to get up to while you are away.

4. Hungary

Hungary is an incredible place to visit in Europe, especially if you are more familiar with western Europe and looking to advance toward the center. In Budapest, Hungary has one of the most vibrant capital cities in the whole of Europe. And guess what - it is also a cheap city.

Just about everything you can imagine is affordable, though there is plenty to see even if you are not wanting to engage in any tourist attractions. There is a small island in the middle of the river Danube in the city center called Margaret Island that is really very beautiful.

5. Poland

For whatever reason, Poland has become a rather underrated place to visit in Europe. Perhaps it is due in part because of its reputation in the world war. Whatever the reason, this not-so-tiny country boasts some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere, let alone in Europe, as well as cheap alcohol and great food.

Warsaw and Krakow in particular are very affordable cities for budget travelers - and each just happens to be a bustling city with a lot of history. To make this one of the cheapest countries, try visiting Poznań, Wrocław, or Gdańsk.

6. Bulgaria

This country has a reputation for not only being one of the cheapest countries in Europe but actually being the cheapest in Europe, so do not hesitate to seize some of those flight deals now.

Indeed, it would be a crime to leave this country off of such a list. There are a whole host of beautiful beach towns on the Black Sea coast line boasting fresh seafood, hiking trails in the mountains, and a rich cultural history.

Bulgaria's choral music alone ought to be enough to convince anyone to pay any of its major cities a visit.

7. Moldova

This is officially the least-visited country in all of Europe, so you really can discover this place for yourself in a way that many other more tourist-centric places might now allow.

In this way, Moldova has already accrued a bit of a reputation for being the underrated underdog of Europe's holiday destination, undiscovered, and relatively untouched.

This is an incredibly rich and yet affordable place to visit that is simply brimming with good things to do and great places to eat, all at that low price tag.

The capital of Moldova is, unlike some other capital cities here arrayed, actually rather affordable.

8. Montenegro

Though one of the smallest countries in the whole of Europe, it is no less adept at offering a good time for it. For a country whose main export is now tourism, this is a remarkably underrated and underappreciated area of the world.

During the height of summer, each day will be graced with temperatures of 35 degrees celsius and upwards. You will not be hard-pressed to find a nice secluded beach spot, and there is no doubt that you will find the water to your liking. For seafood and warmth, it really is a no brainer.

Looking for where to travel in winter? Perhaps this is the place to go.

9. Serbia

Closely related to Montenegro is the neighboring country of Serbia, whose language Montenegro essentially uses as its own.

If you like the sound of Montenegro but fancy somewhere with a little more history or perhaps just a bit more going on, then Serbia is the place to go - and all at a reasonable price tag.

Again, unlike some of the other countries here, Serbia's capital of Belgrade is the most affordable city in Europe (or at least one of them). This is not all the country has to offer, though, as there are, for example, plenty of national parks and areas of natural beauty.

10. Estonia

Often, this country is simply bundled together as part of the itinerary of a cruise liner package holiday, though Estonia really does have a lot more to say for itself than that. Going on these kinds of cruises is not only plain expensive but also a bad way to see more of the world, almost treating the individual destinations as little snacks of entertainment value.

When visited independently, Estonia is an incredibly affordable place, one that will also afford you a unique experience among holiday destinations in Europe.

cheapest places to travel in europe

11. Macedonia

Yet another underrated criminally underrated and cheap place to visit in Europe comes in the form of Macedonia. They have just about everything here that you could imagine, including cycling, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, caving, kayaking, paragliding, even skiing (dependant on the season).

Like some of the other later entries into this list, the capital city of Skopje is cheap and relatively new, so if you are looking for a city break that is a little more unique or exclusive then definitely give it a shot.

There is so much to do here that it would likely be too much to fit into one weekend, so why not stay a little longer?

12. Ukraine

Granted, now might not be the best time to visit this country seeing as there is a literal war going on, but once the war is over there will no doubt be an inevitable push for tourism. After all, this will be one of the ways the Ukraine manages to recuperate the wartime damages.

Before the war, Kyiv was considered one of the cheapest capital cities in all of Europe, so let us hope that it stays this way once the war settles down a bit, lest we all lose out on a bargain!

13. Albania

Finally, we finish things up with perhaps one of the most underrated countries in all of the Balkans. The political history of this area of the world is so potent you can almost smell the gunpowder, but Albania in recent years has become a rather popular destination for tourism.

This is largely due to the cheap, cheap prices over there which, coupled with the gorgeous weather and stunning landscapes, make this a must-see destination.

Atop all of its history, the country is also home to a growing music scene, so why not time your trip with one of its international music festivals?

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Final Tones

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling better able to get the most out of your money while still getting away somewhere in Europe.

FAQs Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe


Though there is no definitive answer to this question, there are a number of cities that are worth a try. Of course, cities like Paris are going to be more highly sought after, but cities like Belgrade in Serbia and Kyiv in Ukraine are remarkably affordable nowadays. The latter is likely even more affordable at the moment with the war going on, so maybe now is the best time to get booking your city break away.

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