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Hotel Booking Sites

10 Best Hotel Booking Sites

Looking to book a hotel but do not know where exactly to look? Sick and tired of all of those hotel comparison sites and want to make a booking for yourself?

Then come on through and take a perch as we explore ten of the most popular and highly-esteemed hotel booking sites on the web today.

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Atop most people's list will be, a premier hotel booking site with a lot to offer its users.

Chief among its best features is the ability to review multiple types of education in one search, as well as offering more family-oriented and accessibility-oriented search filters.

Among hotel booking websites, these are some pretty esteemed features, hence why this is so often among the top hotel booking sites on the web.

Some even go so far as to call it the best hotel booking site in the biz, offering some of the hottest hotel deals and always ensuring that you can access hotel reviews with ease.


With a name like this, there ought to be no doubt that is entirely dedicated to bringing you the option to compare prices with other hotel prices.

One of the things that sets this particular site apart from other hotel comparison sites is the fact that it can exhibit many different property types simultaneously. This can even include castles and the like in some instances.

This site is also said to be less expensive than some other comparison sites while offering a feature that also flags discounted hotel rooms for your keen eyes to appreciate.

3. Expedia

A true classic in the field of hotel search engines and one that has a long and established reputation as being one of the best at it, Expedia is one to be depended upon.

This is a site that is at heart easy to use, offering forth family-friendly search features that ensure everyone on the flight is going to have an amazing experience, regardless of age.

Multiple hotel booking sites have been known to offer rather similar experiences. The best hotel booking websites are often similar to others as they use tried and tested models of commerce to offer cheap hotels.

4. Orbitz

In a similar bracket to Expedia, Orbitz offers an extremely user-friendly interface that can be navigated by just about anyone, regardless of age. Make sure your child does not get hold of your credit card and book a flight elsewhere like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone.

The similarity to Expedia should not come as a surprise seeing as it is also owned by Expedia Inc. Sure, the prices between them might fluctuate a little, but the overall design, prices, and experience will be more or less the same.

5. Travelocity

Looking for a cheap hotel room but tired of all those other hotel sites? Want a hotel deal at the same hotel booking site but different? Travelocity has you covered.

This site is also owned by Expedia Inc., so you would be forgiven for feeling a little bit of deja vu when first visiting the site. Unlike Orbitz, Travelocity makes this similarity a little more obvious, underlining the logo with some text that informs the user that they are indeed owned by Expedia Inc.

You are going to find the experience more or less the same besides a few minor differences, though it is still useful to check the differences between them.

6. Priceline

Alternatively, you could make use of Priceline, an old and reliable hotel booking site that has been tried and tested by its devoted following.

Chief among its benefits is the ability to compare a real mix of hotels alongside other types of accommodation. There is also a feature that is specific to Priceline that allows the user to find discounts easier and faster than other similarly-designed sites.

One of the main reasons so many users return to this site is because it is so easy to navigate, so though there is not as extensive a selection of search filters, this is a must-try.

7. Hotwire

As its name likely suggests or calls to mind, Hotwire is a cheap hotel finder that is especially adept at finding deals at the last minute, regardless of taxes and fees.

So, if for whatever reason you are suddenly in need of a hotel last minute, then Hotwire could very well be your saving grace.

Perhaps your hotel was flooded at the last minute or otherwise overcome by some unforeseen disaster. In such instances, you can likely rely on Hotwire for guidance and help in finding a hotel.

best hotel booking sites

8. Kayak

Unlike some of the other sites here arrayed, Kayak has the goods and is also geared toward aesthetics. The design is sleek and tasteful, offering forth utility that is never at the expense of style and sophistication.

The utility that this site offers includes filters that can digest multiple types of accommodation simultaneously - i.e. not just limiting the search to hotels. There is also a filter that will allow you to see the total price alongside all of the smaller fees that make up the total asking price on the hotel's behalf.

These are all easily selectable thanks to the intuitive and sophisticated layout. They do so much of the work for you so you can be left to decide which is the best travel bag for you.

9. Agoda

Much like Kayak, Agoda sports a real bent on design, though again this is never at the expense of the ease of use nor the ability to find great deals quickly.

It is important to note here that Agoda, Kayak, Priceline, and are all owned by the same parent company. Now, in terms of the former two this makes complete sense - see: design.

Just because they are all owned by the same company does not necessarily mean that all the prices offered will be the same. Thus, it is worth checking them all out on their own terms to see which is going to give you the best deal.

10. Google Hotels

Being owned by easily the premier search engine in the world, there are a whole host of advantages to be had on Google Hotels.

There is a massive combination of information that can scarcely be found on the other sites listed here. This is Google, after all, why would you expect anything less? Learning how to plan a vacation is a must through these means.

The hotel listings here are far more centered around the location that they are in, coupling this search aspect with Google's renowned maps capabilities. Coupled with the search engine itself, Google Hotels can offer you deals from across the entire span of the internet.

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Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are feeling a little more able to navigate the preposterous and oft-confusing world of hotel booking sites, perhaps enough to even book a hotel for yourself.

FAQs Hotel Booking Sites


There is no one site that is ultimately better than all of the rest for booking hotels. This is why hotel comparison sites are more popular now than they ever have been. They seek to capitalize on the veritable overpopulation of travel websites, crafting a niche wherein they can compare the wares of all of these sites while sucking their users for all they are worth. If you do not intend to use a hotel comparison site, then try searching amongst as many as possible when you do go to book a hotel online.


By name alone, we can surmise that at least one of the most popular would have to be Sporting such a name inherently suggests that you hold some sort of a monopoly in this area, at least enough of one to have bought this domain name in the first place. Other suspects include Expedia, (another stakeholder in the domain name monopoly, and Google Hotels.

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