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10 Best Warm Places to Travel in Winter

Want to know where to travel in winter when you are not so into the cold climate of where you are currently living? Looking to get a feel for a new place that you might visit during the winter months?

Then join us today as we explore 10 of the warmest places to travel during winter. These locations will be especially relevant to those of you who live in the western hemisphere, the United States in particular.

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Miami, Florida

Knowing where to travel in winter and how to plan a vacation has never been easier, at least if you intend to go somewhere warm but stay in the United States. The climate here is easily the warmest the US has to offer during winter time, bearing glorious temperatures during the months of January and February, traditionally the coldest in the western world.There are plenty of things to do while shacked up against the cold winter weather elsewhere, including the usual touristy sights to see - i.e. the beachfront and tours through Little Havana.


Similarly well-endowed for winter vacations is the state of Hawaii, a location similarly situated on the United States' southern edge.

There has been a veritable cult of exoticizing with Hawaii, plenty of their customs and cultural exports having been pillaged for the masses. Still, a winter vacation can be no more authentic than going to see the real thing yourself.

Though not quite as warm as Miami in the winter months, Hawaii is still one of the more warm winter vacations USA has to offer. The perfect cure for the winter blues right on your doorstep, Hawaii has so much to offer.

Canary Islands, Spain

As locations in Europe are concerned, this is easily one of the best winter vacations you could hope for. The warm weather does not cease for winter but rather seems to take on a new reverence during those winter months.

The south and east sides of Tenerife, for example, get the most fun, making these winter getaways that can scarcely be denied. There are plenty of natural landmarks to explore, with yourself, a lover, or the whole family.

Say goodbye to ice skating and cold weather and go to a winter wonderland unperturbed by cold climes.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Why not make your next winter vacation the warm and geopolitically complex nation of Israel? Though there really is far too much political plight to warrant visiting some of the areas of this country, others provide a perfect platform for a winter getaway with white sand beaches fit for colonizing.

This winter season, why not birth a paradox and enjoy some winter sun in climes where the weather stays in the upper 70s all winter? Heed some winter vacation ideas and book a luxury hotel - treat yourself to the best on your winter trip.

Cartagena, Columbia

If you live in the US, then finding a relatively cheap flight to Cartagena, Columbia in South America should not be difficult or expensive whatsoever.

This is easily one of the more affordable destinations for a winter visit. Culturally similar to San Diego, this shining jewel on the pacific coast boasts a stunning central park and soaring temperatures all year round.

The humidity makes it feel even warmer than in some other countries on the equator line. Being one of the less popular winter holiday destinations, you are likely to find plenty of pristine beaches glossed with sun all winter.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's seasons work antithetically to those north of the equator, so during the so-called winter months of the US (December to February), Argentina enjoys a thriving and bustling summer.

No winter sports here during those months, as Buenos Aires - the nation's capital city - receives highs in the 80s and lows in the high 60s at night.

Buenos Aires is a popular holiday destination, but one that does not fall into many of the same trappings that other popular tourist destinations do. This is a city that stands on its own merits, teeming with culture and rich history.


Quite famous for being one of the thinnest countries, Chile is also remarkable for having its summer when the US and Canada are bound to be experiencing their coldest winter weather. It is, thus, no wonder why people are often drawn here to holiday during those winter months, to escape the bitter cold.

The northern third of Child is especially suited to winter vacations, boasting a mild desert climate that births beaches like the Viña del Mar to high temperatures of around 80 degrees.

This is far from a ski resort, and with a rich and troubled cultural history, there is much to explore and learn.

where to travel in winter


Looking for an apt place for winter travel should not be much more difficult than seeking out the equator. Thankfully, Equador has got you covered, even being named as such.

Do be diligent, though, as Ecuador is famous for having the climates of all four seasons in one dense package.

To attain the warmest climates during winter time, you are best advised to keep to the pacific coast rather than venturing inland to areas whose elevation quickly rises.

The warmest places to visit are Guayaquil, Playa Puerto Lopez, Mompiche, and Montañita.

The Yucutan Peninsula, Mexico

This is an especially great location to visit if you are wanting to save some money (with some budget travel tips). Just fly into Cancun from just about any major US city and then hop onto a bus to find yourself at a less tourist-centric destination.

You can get a bus from Cancun to just about anywhere in this region of Mexico, saving you plenty of money if you have the patience to bear the long and warm journeys. Once you start thinking about how much warmer you are than some of your friends and relatives further north, it won't feel so stuffy in that bus.

Costa Rica

Take a trip to Costa Rica in the middle of December and find yourself dipping your toes into a body of natural water to relish the warmth.

If you suddenly feel more inclined to cooler temperatures, you can always venture inland to areas like Arenal and Monteverde too.

Hotter areas include Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, and Parque Nacional Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast, perfect for getting a suntan and hiking while scantily clad.

The humidity might be a little much for some, but for us, it was just right.

Last Word

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have been able to find an apt destination that you will be exploring when the winter months rear their ugly heads. What better way to escape the grim winter climes than a holiday away to another climate altogether?

FAQs Where to Travel in Winter

Where is the warmest place in winter?

I suppose this depends on where in the world you are looking from. From a strictly American perspective, Miami is likely the warmest winter vacation destination still in the United States. Hawaii, though, is a close second and offers, perhaps, a more authentic and wholesome holiday experience. Miami, after all, does not exactly have the best reputation, though who's to say the evil does not die down during the winter months?

Where is the cheapest place to winter?

This will depend on where in the world you are journeying from. If you are holidaying from the US, then Quebec City, Cozumel, San Miguel de Allende, Banff, Gatlinburg, Merida, Santa Fe, Lake Tahoe, Whistler, Martinique, Turks & Caicos, Sanibel Island, Adirondacks, Big Sky, Taos, Tulum, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Salt Lake City, Edmonton, and the Poconos are all viable holiday destinations still within the western hemisphere. For anyone holidaying from Europe or elsewhere in the eastern hemisphere, then these locations will be less viable, and certainly less affordable.

Where is the best place to vacation in the winter?

This will very much depend on what kind of environment you are looking to holiday in and where you are holidaying from. If you are someone who loathes the cold winter months and is, thus, looking for a place to visit where you can escape these temperatures, then perhaps some of these destinations might be your bag (Miami, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Columbia, Chile, Tel Aviv, Canary Islands, Buenos Aires, Mexico, or Ecuador). If, however, you have the opposite issue - or are simply someone who wishes to holiday to a similarly cold climate during winter vacation - then you are welcome to try somewhere in Canada, Alaska, or even a ski resort in France or Italy.

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