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travel safety tips

10 Travel Safety Tips You Should Know

Are you looking to take a walk on the wild side without jeopardizing your health and will to live? Are you desperate to get out of your country but scared to risk it without some travel safety tips?

Then come on through, for here today we will explore 10 tips that will have you fortified against all of the elements while abroad.

Top Travel Safety Tips

Here are ten things you should pay heed to whenever you travel and wherever your traveling takes you:

1. Research Your Destination

You are surely asking for someone to breach your personal safety if you do not look up the specific context that you are traveling into.

Knowing something about emergency services, the local language, reputable transportation companies research, or even the present political climate of a foreign country is going to get you ahead in learning how to plan a vacation. It might even deter you from going to a certain place altogether for the better.

2. Blend In

Having done some research, it will be easier for you to blend in and follow local customs. This is easily one of the best travel safety tips and it is entirely free.

Criminals and wrongdoers will be on the lookout for tourists, so those with massive backpacks and a plethora of cameras and other technological personal belongings around their necks are naturally going to stick out.

Travel insurance is all well and good, but you can elide this step altogether if you use a bit of common sense and conceal your important documents, emergency cash, and all the rest of it.

3. No Flashing

This is an entirely separate point of its own, for many of you might feel it necessary to wave around all of your hard currency around at every opportunity.

If possible, take out the amount of money you absolutely need and leave the rest somewhere covert in your hotel room. Taking only what you need prevents too much of a concentration of wealth from being lost at once.

Better yet, use a banking service abroad. Monzo is a banking service that not only gives more power to each user but also that allows you to use the card abroad without the kinds of extra charges that other big banks are known to slap on after the fact.

4. Transport

The research mentioned above extends to the kind of transport that you will be taking. If, for instance, you are using an airline, then make sure to stay as up-to-date as possible with the delays, rescheduling, and cancellations.

Likewise, do at least a preliminary amount of research on the various transport services you intend to use while abroad, even if they are state-owned. Some will invariably be safer than others, so, in the interests of the utmost travel safety, you should plan your travel routes accordingly.

5. Needs

To travel safely, you must be considering it at every step of the process. This means even at the packing stage, too.

If you begin by writing a packing list, you can then progress by considering which of these items you are most definitely going to use while you are away.

Anything that breeds doubts in your mind will need to be brought in for questioning, only added to the final lineup if there is enough space at the end.
In this way, you minimize the number of things you might lose while you are away.

6. Travel Insurance

Though this is not entirely necessary, as discussed above, this will be a lot of weight off of some people's shoulders.

Travel insurance can be for several different things. Perhaps the most important for a number of us modern people is travel insurance for our technology. There is, however, also the classic traveling health insurance, perfect for those going to travel in a more dangerous environment.

This might not even be the kind of place you expect, either, for traveling in a place like America might require it more than elsewhere.

7. Emergencies

In such instances that require it, the best thing you can do is to have the relevant information of emergency services to hand (garnered from a virtual private network of course).

This will include the contact numbers for relevant emergency services (police, fire department, and ambulance), whether regional or local. Sure, you can get a lot of these on your phone nowadays, but where will you be when you need to contact a state department without mobile data?

Forgetting any of the kind of situations that might require such services, it would be vital to know the details of your country's nearest embassy if indeed there is one.

8. Finances

Another of the more vital tips for traveling comes as we advise you to simply pay close attention to your finances.

A piece of advice that is more urgent now than ever is for you to let your bank know that you are going abroad in advance. In recent times, banks have been known to block cards for suspicious activity automatically, leaving users who are harmlessly making use of their cards abroad in the lurch.

As mentioned before, a key budget travel tip would be to make sure you are carrying around as little of your money with you as possible at all times.

travel safety ideas

9. Health

Besides having a first-aid kit that is fully equipped with all the things necessary to treat small cuts and disinfect wounds, it would also be useful to consult your doctor before traveling abroad. There might be certain vaccines or boosters that are advisable to take, especially when visiting countries known for these kinds of epidemics.

Also, if you are already taking prescribed medication, ensure that you will have more than enough for the duration of your journey. Sourcing these things while away will be far, far more difficult.

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10. Communication

Knowing as much of the local language as possible before departing would be a real plus!

Of course, you do not need to be able to speak anywhere near fluently. Rather, it would be best simply if you knew how to say some essential phrases, in the instance that you need to, say, find a hospital or chemist.

This is just one example of a time that you would urgently need a local phrase to achieve an end, though there is an infinite amount.

Besides emergency situations, it is also worth knowing some of the local language simply so that you can make bonds while away.

Last Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this list of tips for traveling safely has been of use to you. Let us know if you have any burning questions down below and we will do our best to get to answering it as soon as possible!

FAQs Travel Safety Tips

What are some dos and don'ts while traveling?

Your research on the local context, politically or otherwise; blend in with the surroundings; research your transport; keep your belongings safe; get travel insurance; have emergency info to hand; manage your money; keep track of your health; know how to communicate. Don't: be ignorant of where you are going; flash your wealth and carry around any more money than is necessary at any given time; travel without researching; flash around all of your valuable belongings; go to a country without at least knowing the very basics of conversation.

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