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europe trip diary

Europe Trip Diary: Plan Your Vacation with Top Locations

Are you looking to plan a trip to Europe but don't know where to visit? Want to make your own Europe trip diary but don't know which European cities to choose from?

Then help is at hand, as we explore some of the perks of visiting the top 10 most commonly visited European cities.

europe trip diary

1. London

Among the many publications that seem to capitalize on the exchange of Europe travel tips, you are unlikely to find any that don't recommend visiting London at least once.

Indeed, your travel journal would be incomplete without some of your own musings on the once-great capital of the empire. Those who visit it nowadays might wonder just how this city was once the center of the empire on which the sun never sets, though that is for you to decide for yourself while you are on the front line.

2. Paris

Second to London as one of the main capitals of the world we have Paris, the capital of France, and the center of many things. France is still one of the central powers when it comes to fashion - it always has been and likely always will be. However, there are many other things for which France has garnered quite a reputation, including hardcore techno and donk music.

The divide between rich and poor, white and other, is given new dimensions when we compare the veritable luxury of the inner city of Paris with the purpose-built ghetto tower blocks on the outskirts.

3. Rome

Once dubbed by a now long-deceased source as the 'eternal city', it has become the preserve of many to see this iconic and world-famous location at least once. Italy, besides being the center of catholicism, is also one of the figureheads of renaissance art. Anyone with an interest in this kind of art should visit without hesitation.

Rome, though, has seen quite an excitement in the past century, merging its classical past with a burgeoning and exciting youth movement full of moments of brilliant tension. This is one of those new places that is likewise ancient.

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4. Barcelona

In the pages of travel magazines, Barcelona is often lauded as being one of the most exciting and happening cities in the whole of Europe. Whether this is true or not remains for you to find out for yourself as you plan your own journey. The country itself is already a well-known holiday destination, famed for its lustrous temperatures and beautiful sights, though Barcelona merges this tourism with a truly modern take on an ancient city.

As a document, Barcelona would look like a modernist text having been reissued by an experimental publishing house in a new and exciting format.

5. Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin sure has seen its fair share of strife and tension. This is not just in terms of history or politics, but also in terms of art, culture, race, gender, sexuality, music - you name it, this city likely has a finger in its pie.

Though some authorities suggest that Berlin is now undergoing significant acts of gentrification akin to London over the last 20 years, it is still worth visiting even if only to glimpse what was once a thriving counter-cultural capital. Heck, why not take a page and write about it!?

6. Amsterdam

This city has garnered quite a reputation for harboring British holiday makers and revelers looking for a good time without authorities surveilling them so intently. For this reason, there has been a significant adjustment of the rules by which tourists interact with the city in this way.

Still, there is plenty of opportunity for fun and excitement, even if the laws around recreational drug use have been tightened. The Van Gogh Museum is a particular highlight for tourists who visit, exhibiting many of his greatest works under one roof as well as detailing plenty about his life.

7. Madrid

Despite all the wonders of Barcelona, it is Madrid that occupies the role of capital and most populous city in all of Spain. In this way, we might picture Madrid as London compared to Barcelona as, say, Manchester, at least if we are to necessarily compare these two cities to those of another major European country.

Still, there's plenty to do in Madrid, for this is a city of elegant boulevards, manicured parks of an incredibly expansive nature, as well as humongous repositories of art, both modern and classical (and everything in between).

8. Prague

As the capital city of the illustrious Czech Republic, Prague clearly occupies a staple place in the heart of Europe, beckoning newcomers forth to discover its many delights. Nicknamed 'the City of a Hundred Spires', the city is clearly very proud of its historic core, garbed with colorful baroque buildings, towering gothic churches, as well as the medieval Astronomical Clock. This clock is famous for giving an animated hourly show for passers-by.

Of particular note is the Old Town Square, the veritable center of all of this history and the point from which to jettison to these various other locations.

9. Lisbon

This city also has a rather old past, though a past that might be overlooked by younger audiences, especially considering how hip and trendy some parts have become in new developments. There are plenty of artists and musicians who, though born in America or elsewhere, have chosen Lisbon as their home and musical headquarters due to the veritable life and excitement on display.

Panda Bear, one of the founding members of Animal Collective, has lived in Portugal and this particular city since the mid-'00s. While the rest of his band has remained in America, he has conducted composition via the internet and then grouped together when they all have more of an idea of what they want a release to sound like.

10. Vienna

Another country with an exceptionally historic past but that which, like Lisbon, has been gaining a new and younger audience as a hip and trendy place to be is Vienna.

Along with Salzburg, Vienna conducts and exhibits a considerable sway on those visiting Austria. It is, after all, the capital city, lying on the east of the country and adjacent to the Danube River. The city itself boasts an impressive artistic and intellectual legacy, having been shaped famously by Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud (and perhaps less famously by philosopher and linguist Ludwig Wittgenstein).

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Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are now feeling ready and able to pick your own European cities and plan your holiday!

FAQs Europe Trip Diary


First up, you should decide which cities you want to go to. A big part of this is deciding how feasible it is to go to some cities in conjunction with others. Next, you should use some travel apps and travel websites to help you get properly organized and ensure that none of your transport clashes with one another.


The most important thing is deciding which part(s) of Europe you want to visit and ensuring that it is both feasible for you to visit these places in conjunction with one another in the amount of time that you have dedicated to the venture and that you can organize enough places to stay in the interim. A trip to Europe is no good if you don't have a place to stay (unless, of course, you are intending to do it George Orwell style).

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