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Buying A Journal: 6 Factors To Consider

Buying A Journal: 6 Factors To Consider

Are you ready to start journaling? Or, perhaps you’ve been writing in a journal for a while now, but it is time to find a new journal that better matches your needs and preferences. Buying a journal can feel like a big decision. For many, their journal is an important part of who they are. It is something they enjoy writing in each day, and they want to find a journal that is both attractive and functional, while also ensuring that it is durable and ready to hold up to frequent use. Before you start shopping for a new journal, keep the considerations outlined below in mind. They’ll help you narrow your search and ensure that the journal you choose meets your needs.

What to Look for When Buying a Journal

If you’re looking for the best journal for writing entries, keep in mind that everyone’s personal style is different. For this reason, the right journal for you will likely be a bit different from the ideal journal for someone else. Use the features below to help guide your search to buy a journal that meets your needs.


One of the first things to consider when you’re shopping for journals or notebooks is their size. You can find journals with long pages, as well as those with a more compact size and small pages. There is no one right or wrong size. Rather, the best size will depend on your preferences, handwriting size, whether you plan to carry the journal around, and more.

Cover Design

The best self journal will inspire creativity and encourage you to write. Finding a journal with an attractive cover design to match your personal preference can help make writing in your journal more enjoyable. First, decide if you prefer a hardcover or a soft cover. Then, consider if there is a specific color or design that will make your journal more appealing to you. These may seem like unimportant things to consider, but anything that will make you enjoy writing in your refillable leather journal more can help encourage the habit and allow you to enjoy all the benefits that writing in a journal has to offer.

Refillable Heart Journal
Refillable Heart Journal
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Paper Layout

The best journals will also offer the right layout to match your drawing or writing journal needs. Journal writing is unique to each individual, so consider whether you prefer a journal with notebook style line rulings, plain paper blank pages, or dot grids, such as a bullet journal.

Paper Quality

Paper quality is also important when selecting a writing journal. Selecting a journal with high-grade journal paper refills will give your journal more of an upscale feel and can make writing in it more enjoyable. Higher-grade, high-opacity paper is smoother and won’t allow ink to show through the pages. It is definitely the optimal choice if you want to use a fountain pen—you want the quality of your paper to match that of your desired writing implement.

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Binding Quality

We’ve all had an experience with a poorly bound notebook or book. After just a few uses, you have pages falling out and loose papers everywhere. Clearly, this is not what you’re looking for when you purchase a journal. Look for good quality binding that will help ensure that your leather journal stays together and that you don’t need to worry about losing your important entries.

As you’re considering binding quality, also think about your preferred binding style. When you’re writing in your journal, do you want it to lay flat on its own? If so, you may want to look for a journal with lay-flat binding or coil-binding.

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Closure Design

Leather journals come with a variety of closure options. These may include a magnetic clasp, a metal clasp, or an elastic band. For the most part, any closure type should offer a similar function, so it is really just a personal preference as to which you prefer. However, if you plan to use your handmade journal to hold a lot of other notes or papers, a magnetic clasp or metal clasp may not line up correctly if the journal gets too full. Before you buy a diary, think about which of these clasp options will best suit your needs.

Where to Buy a Journal

If you’re searching for journals to buy, you’ll find that there are many options. You can buy journals in store or through a website for one of your favorite brands. Before you head out to shop, though, do some research and choose a reputable brand that makes quality journals.

Buying a Journal: Wrap Up

Now that you know what to look for in a journal, it is time for you to set out on your task to find your new favorite journal. We hope our suggestions have been useful and that you’ll be able to find a stylish and functional journal that will serve you well as you reflect on your life and set goals for yourself.


Why should I buy a journal?

There are many reasons to buy a journal and start writing in it. Journaling can help improve your mental health, decrease stress and anxiety, help you to set and achieve goals, build your self-confidence, and so much more.

What is the difference between a journal and a diary?

Journals and diaries are regularly confused. While they are both used for writing notes and entries, there are a few distinctions between the two. While a diary is typically more focused on daily events, feelings, and emotions, journals tend to focus more on larger goals and the steps one is taking to meet their goals.

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