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Handmade Journals

At Moonster, it is all about manufacturing a quality product, hence why our handmade journals are created in relatively small batches to ensure that quality control can be at its highest and most attentive. This means that every product that leaves us is the best it can be - and this is a quality that you should be able to feel, smell, and believe in.

Each leather journal by Moonster is hand-crafted using 100% full-grain buffalo leather and features however many pages of 70gsm premium-milled lined paper or blank paper refills. Indeed, the quality doesn't just end where the leather cover ends and the paper begins. No, this is a quality product through and through and we defy you to disagree!

Made by Hand

Arguably, the most important aspect of Moonster handmade journals other than the considerable quality of the materials involved is the fact that each one is made by hand. This means that not only are we able to invest a considerable amount of effort into each product, but the ability to check the quality is as high as it can be as each product is made by a dedicated worker.

Catching the Big Fish

Of course, this might not be the most important aspect from day to day. If you are an ideas person or a creative thinker, then the most crucial part of your work or leisure is finding inspiration - catching the big fish if you will. With Moonster journals, there is next to no barrier between yourself and your inspiration. Indeed, the quality of the product is such that it lubricates the process of inspiration as much as possible.

So, the next time you get a bright idea, you can be sure that your Moonster journal isn't going to get in the way. On the contrary, it is going to help you get to where you need to go faster and with more pep!

Personal and Perfectly Imperfect

Since these journals are made from full-grain buffalo leather, there is a certain pride here at Moonster about the fact that no two journals will be exactly the same. The various imperfections that come about as a result of using animal hide - which itself bears all of the dents, grazes, and scratches of its time on earth - are indeed heralded on high.

This mirrors closely our belief that each journal should be a personal thing for each user to cherish. This should be a place where anyone feels they can continually return to. These are more than just notebooks for writing or drawing in. These are personal repositories of our inner workings and so they should be made as such.

In this way, you can be sure that there is a design that will suit you, for there are several different designs to choose from, whether you are male or female, or indeed whether you prefer lined or blank paper (or furthermore whether you prefer your handmade journals to be refillable or not).

Sustainability & Giving Back

Speaking of which, it is important to note that Moonster is serious about its environmental impact and does everything it can to reduce its footprint on the world as much as possible while still providing a quality product.

There is, then, the option to purchase just about any journal in a refillable option as well as to purchase the refill of paper stock from the Moonster store, ensuring that you keep the same style and quality for life. Artisans will no doubt rejoice when they realize that they will be able to keep the same quality styles of paper for a whole lifetime!

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