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weekend trip what to pack

What To Pack For A Weekend Trip

Off on a weekend trip away? Business or pleasure?

It sure can be hard to know what to pack for a weekend trip. Thankfully, we have a handy and comprehensive list of the essentials to get you started and thinking about what you personally need.

Picking the Right Bag

It would, of course, be impossible to pick the best travel bag for a weekend getaway without first knowing

  • exactly how long the 'short trip' will be,
  • what form of transport you are taking,
  • and, of course, how much you will be needing to pack.


An essential part of the process - even before the weekend packing list, though after learning how to plan a vacation - is to learn and absorb the mantra of packing smart. This means that you will want packing light, though never to the detriment of the number of layers you need. This will vary depending on where you are going.

To Match

Weekend trips can be taken just about any, and if you are going somewhere you will no doubt want to match the appropriate weather conditions of wherever it is that you are going. If unsure, pack neutral colors and go from there.


This ensures that you are not traveling with too much, meaning you can purchase all the extra goods you need at your destination. You no longer need a carry-on bag (e.g., a leather duffle bag) on your weekend getaways. Bet you can't wait for that next trip, eh?

Leather Duffle Bag
Leather Duffle Bag
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The Ultimate Weekend Packing List

So, no pressure, but here is the ultimate packing list for your next getaway:
1-2 Pairs of Pants

If you are opting for a fly-by visit to a place and are wanting to go light, then why not bring a pair of smarter trousers alongside a comfier pair that you can travel in?

I would suggest combining the two and buying a smart pair of trousers that is also comfy, but such a thing is surely hard to find. If you are lucky enough to own a pair - and willing to let such a find out into the big, wide world - then do it!

1 Pair of Shorts or a Skirt

Weather dependant, of course. You likely will not want to be bringing along shorts or a skirt if you are heading to a colder climate unless you are a masochist of sorts. If, however, your destination is of a warmer persuasion, then you can't go wrong with at least one pair of shorts or a skirt.

Thankfully, owing to their lesser size, they are far easier to pack than some other more burly items of clothing.

2 Tees or Blouses

If this is more of a casual quick weekend trip away, then you can't really go wrong with chucking in a few lighter garments such as a t-shirt and/or blouse (depending on your persuasion).

Seeing as these are intended to be lighter garments, then they do not have to be too fancy in terms of fabric or anything. Some of the tees could be worn years and years old simply because they are comfortable and homely. Just like body wash in a hotel room, no weekend trip packing list should be without them.

1 Hoodie or Cardigan or Sweater

When we refer to layering, this is precisely what we mean. Unless you are heading to a particularly cold country, then this should be the extent to which you need to layer yourself up.

Nowadays, clothing technology has advanced to such an extent that garments do not have to be heavy and thick to be warm - softshell garbs are a living testament to this, and at one point you might be wholly fascinated by them.

Of course, in some instances, this is not enough and a long weekend packing list must also include an extra layer.

1 Jacket

Seeing as you can actually wear this while you are traveling, it can be as thick or thin as you would like. As aforementioned, warm clothes do not have to be thick, so the choice really is yours to make when it comes to keeping yourself adequately heated.

No matter the climes or how quick the trip, none should be taken without one, unless you really are visiting somewhere most dry. Even the driest climes can sometimes weep from the sky at the drop of a hat...

2 Pairs of Shoes

This will, of course, depend on the reasons for your quick trip. If it is business related then no doubt you will want to take both a pair of smart shoes and also a pair of comfortable shoes that you can do your traveling in.

Again, there does not need to be such a binary with these things, for smart and flat shoes can also be relatively comfortable. Such is the state of tailoring technology, that smart shoes can be comfortable and that comfortable shoes can also be smart.

Indeed, you might just as well find a pair of comfortable walking shoes that do not look amiss in a meeting or some other such venue.


You must never forget those important documents that you need for travel, or even that you need for the business that you are going away to conduct. In the case of the former, you might not even be able to travel if you do not bring them along.

This includes your tickets, your passport, as well as any money or debit cards that you are going to take while away. Some even recommend taking two debit or credit cards, one for regular use and one for emergencies.

what to pack for a weekend trip


Where would we all be without our gizmos and gadgets? This is a doubly important question when we think about the many moments of confusion and panic that can come about while in a foreign environment.

Gone are all the times you might need to run through all your poorly-rehearsed local phrases with a native in an anxiety-stricken manner just so you can get where you need to be on time. Now, you can rely on a technological overlord to get the job done and ensure you get where you need to be and when.

The less technology you can take, the better, just so there is less chance of losing it on the road.


The hygienic thing to do would be to pack a pair of underwear for each day - yes, that includes both pants and socks! Thankfully, this is not so much of a burden on your luggage space if you are indeed only going away for a weekend.

Depending on your living arrangements while you are away, you might also wish to bring some pajamas. This is especially useful if you are staying in a hostel and, thus, sharing a living and sleeping space with a bunch of other people from whom you might want to shield certain parts of yourself.


Finally, where would we be without some toiletries to keep us clean and ready to go at every turn of our journey and a travel toiletry bag to keep them in?

One of favorite little things about traveling is the size of the toiletries that are permitted on flights.

These small touches are some of the few things that make you truly feel like a little kid again, even if only in the sense that you are holding a tube of toothpaste that, when you were a child, would have looked normal size relative to how a normal tube of toothpaste looks in your adult hand.

Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag
Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag
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Last Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this handy guide has been of some use to you, even if just in finding out what exactly will be most important to you when you go away for your weekend trip.

FAQs What to Pack for a Weekend Trip

When should I start packing for a weekend trip?

As soon as possible, really. You will, however, want to strike a middle ground between packing, say, a few months in advance and packing the night before. Packing too early might result in getting too set in your ideas about what you need, leading you to neglect certain truths of the road that you might acquire closer to the date of departure.

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