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10 Couples Journal Ideas

Is your relationship seemingly on the fritz? Are you looking for a way to mend and/or strengthen your connection with your true love? Struggling to figure out how to go on with your partner even if you really want to? Want some couple's journal ideas that are going to offer immediate results?

Then look no further, for today we will be offering you a few ideas to furnish your mind palace and get your relationship back on track.

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1. Epistolary Epiphanies

Rarely can anything rekindle a waning flame more than using a couple's journal to write letters to one another. A shared journal utilized in this way becomes more than the sum of its parts - by using journal prompts in this way you can easily bring back to life what is quickly becoming a husk.

Of all the relationship journal prompts, this is likely to feel like the most antiquated. After all, who writes letters in this day and age? Some might argue that this is where love has gone wrong. Rewrite your love story and take your gratitude journal learning, applying it elsewhere.

2. Bucket List

Has the veritable monotony of life pissed out the flames of a once raging and romantic fire? Do you and your partner struggle to conjure up your favorite moments on a whim? Then why not create some more? But how? How to feel inspired?

By writing a bucket list, of course! This is a no-holds-barred kind of affair - let your imagination run wild with all the things you have been yearning to do in your life (and do not hold back on even the craziest ones). Who knows, you might even have a lot in common.

3. Photo Collage

Some of you might have visual minds and, thus, might prefer to explore this aspect of your relationship via visual means. Use journal prompts for couples to cater to your own relationship - don't just follow advice and writing prompts because they sound good.

If you are a little stumped at first, try choosing an overarching theme - there are even services for this kind of thing online. Perhaps it is your anniversary and you are wanting to commemorate your first year together. On the other hand, you might wish to recollect a special time in your life, a luscious holiday break, for example.

4. Special Memories

In a similar vein, instead of using photographs to conjure up those special memories, why not use the raw and seemingly infinite power of language to do the very same thing?

In such a visual culture, it can be uncomfortable to veer away from such pictographic acts of remembering, at least at first. It is, however, in more synaesthetic acts of remembrance that we can conjure up the most vivid recollections, where different senses delineate time and space and blend into one another, just as your healthy relationship is both of you bleeding into one another.

5. Couple Goals

If you are the kind of couple that is motivated by having a grind-set and is overall business-minded, then try using overarching goals to achieve what you desire in yourselves.

One of the most important pieces of relationship advice any of you are likely to receive is to ensure that you are doing the right thing by your own relationship goals. It is no use attempting to use stale catch-all conversation starters to mend and strengthen your relationship with someone. If each relationship is different, then act like it.

6. Date Nights

Using a shared leather journal to plan date nights is another great way to light a fire beneath the shared behind of your relationship. It is all too easy to fall into the habit of working and living domestically, especially if both you and your partner have moved in with one another.

In such instances - and for a truly successful relationship - then treat nights and dates are an apposite way to keep things exciting between the two of you. Even if your partner suggests a date night that you are not too keen on, give it a go. Chances are you will come to enjoy when seeing your partner so happy.

couples journal ideas

7. Review

If you want to be really intense about it, then you can use a relationship or marriage journal to conduct a full and extensive review of your relationship with someone.

This can take any form you deem fit - you should know your relationship best, after all. If your partner's occupation is more bureaucratic, then try doing a review in the form of an office memo.

On the other hand, if you and/or your partner are more creatively minded, then you might try reviewing it as though your relationship were a piece of music or a film. Such acts often yield more unexpected results, allowing subconsciouses to converse more freely.

8. Finances

If there are only a few things that are weak points for you and your partner in a relationship, then try using your favorite journals to lay down ground rules. This can be a fun way to iron out any creases between the pair of you, providing a safe space in the journal entries for you to discuss issues.

Perhaps it is the shared financial side of being in a relationship that is most difficult for you - then remedy that by writing about it. Try managing your time better too!

9. Lists

Perhaps you are the kind of couple that thrives on organizing your life via the heady thrill of lists, in which case you are certainly going to love this. Even if one of you is not necessarily as interested in categorizing your life in this way as the other, it can still be a great way for the partner more interested in lists to keep track.

This methodology can be coupled with several others listed above - you might, for example, want to use a list to keep track of the kinds of things you regularly tiff over and then deal with them all in a big bureaucratic review devoid of all feeling.

10. Habits

When you are in the throngs of a loving and/or tumultuous relationship, it can be difficult to keep track of the kinds of habits that you engage in on a regular basis. Using a gift-giving journal like this to keep track of them thus provides you with a way to step outside of your body and your experience and see how things really are.

So, if you are looking for a way to get one up on your partner on a semi-regular basis, keep track of their bad habits so you have plenty of ammunition with which to pelt them when they are helpless floundering for an argument.

Bad sleep habits? Look no further than these nighttime journal prompts.

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Refillable Classic Journal (Lined)
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Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you and your partner are now feeling ready and able to tackle the issues that have been so plaguing you.

FAQs Couples Journal Ideas


A relationship journal is a type of journal that, instead of being used by one single person, is used by two or more people. The intention behind using a relationship journal is usually to mend and/or strengthen a relationship that might otherwise need it. Seeing as every relationship is different to greater or lesser degrees, it stands to reason that each relationship journal should be different. In this way, you really can fill it with anything you like, even if it does not directly better the relationship. Indeed, it is yours to customize as you see fit, so long as your lover in crime agrees too.


Though there are manifold benefits to the use of a couples journal, the central idea is that, by using such a journal, the couple to whom the journal belongs will be able to boast a stronger relationship, both in the short term and/or the long term. In some instances, the journal might even be reserved for immediate issues, such as the working out of finances and the like. Similarly, there might be instances where the fruits of a couple's journal might only begin to bloom over a considerable period of time.

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