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Vintage Journals

Just when you thought that style and substance were mutually exclusive qualities that could never be married in the middle, in comes the Moonster leather-bound journal to show that even the most far-flung dreams can come true.

Marrying the style that comes from using the finest materials to the substance that is born of manufacturing in the smallest batches, Moonster Vintage Journals truly have it all and can provide something for everyone, especially considering the extensive collection of designs available to choose from.

Quality not Quantity

At Moonster, it is all about manufacturing a quality product, hence why our vintage journals are created in relatively small batches (all of which are made by hand) to ensure that quality control can be at its highest and most attentive. This means that every product that leaves us is the best it can be - and this is a quality that you should be able to feel, smell, and believe in.

Each lined leather journal by Moonster is hand-crafted using 100% full-grain buffalo leather and features however many lined pages of 70gsm premium-milled lined paper. Indeed, the quality doesn't just end where the leather cover ends and the paper begins. No, this is a quality product through and through and we defy you to disagree!

Vintage Flair Made With Care

Indeed, where other companies are content to provide a product of lesser quality that bears these same vintage and classic elements at a lower price, the quality of a Moonster vintage journal by contrast is readily evident from the very first page.

In the past, many have been content simply to make do with a leather product that bears elements of a vintage product process but without the full dedication to the cause. Here, Moonster has gone the whole hog, bringing back a thoroughly outmoded but admirable production process to bring about a product unlike any other.

Indeed, the vintage nature of this product is not just some gimmicky sheen on top of a newer product. Rather, this is a vintage product made through a vintage process that combines vintage materials. The joy of those nostalgics and retro-heads is almost palpable through the screen.

Caring for the World

At Moonster, it is of the utmost importance that our product be as sustainable as possible. You shouldn't need us to tell you that the world has gone to pot in the last century as a result of the trends continuing from the Industrial Revolution through to what is now late capitalism. You should, however, try to make as many small changes as you can to reverse the effects of these harmful influences.

One thing you can do is use a refillable journal instead of just buying a new journal every single time. Not only is this a great way to look out for the planet, but it is also a great way to segment your different selves without needing to buy an entirely new journal for the purpose.

Let's say, for example, that you were just using your journal for work purposes and wanted to go on holiday. Instead of buying a wholly separate travel journal, you can remove the pages within the journal that you have been using at work and refill the journal shell completely so that you might start afresh while you are away.

In this way, a Moonster journal can be as multifaceted as you like, so join us now, regardless of whether you prefer your vintage journals to be unlined and blank, or lined and true!

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