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15 Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

15 Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

Are you looking to take a moment from the mad hustle and bustle of modern living to reflect on yourself? Do you feel as though you have some underlying issues that otherwise need addressing outside of an official therapeutic space? Are you looking for some self-reflection journal prompts to help you grapple with some of your own deeper feelings?

Then you are in the right place, for today we will be exploring 15 prompts for your own self-reflection.

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection
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1. Reminding Yourself That You Are Enough

One of the greatest things you can do for your self-esteem is to ensure that you are fully aware that you are enough. Such things are easy to forget in today's world. The world moves so fast now it feels almost impossible to stop and take a moment to remind oneself of one's worth.

But it is imperative that you do so, lest you get sucked into the ever-burgeoning tide of low self-esteem and self-worth. Use self-reflection journal prompts like this to get a real handle on these issues and to change them for the better.

2. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Though it might not feel entirely comfortable, hence why they call it the comfort zone, it is often in leaving this zone that we grow the most. Perhaps you have lingered too long in your so-called dream life and need a sample of what cold, hard reality tastes like.

Writing prompts can help you to begin to capture that feeling again when, for example, your teenage self wasn't entirely comfortable and safe. Perhaps this is even your more authentic self and you just haven't been given the chance to see it in some time.

3. New Opportunities Through Challenges

Now might be an opportune time to reflect on the new opportunities that have been gifted to you and the doors that have been opened for you as a result of your facing new challenges. Who knows, perhaps these challenges even came about as a result of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing your mental health a favor.

Reflecting on these things now can make future attempts to leave your comfort zone that much easier as you can already see that it will do you some good and has done in the past.

4. Setting Up and Protecting Your Boundaries

However, while it is always good to at least think about pushing the edges of your comfort zone outward, it is also important to know and respect your boundaries and ensure that those around you are doing so as well.

If you don't, you may very well nudge yourself into territory that is unsafe and, in some instances, impossible to return from. So, you must choose your battles wisely, lest you be left without a mind to speak of and only a mush pile in its wake.

5. Embracing Your Authentic Self

What a lot of people don't seem to be willing to do is actually embrace who they really are rather than attempting to posture and squeeze themselves into the requisite shape.

Of course, such an act is much easier said than done. How exactly do we go about discovering who we are? Are we not all just reflections of the culture and media we consume? Where does this cultural media end and where do we begin? It is altogether impossible to tell, but it is without a doubt worth trying.

6. Intentionally Spending Time with Others

No doubt all of us here assembled make time to hang out with our friends aside from the wealth of self-reflection journaling we engage in. It is not only good for our mental health but also for the knock-on effect it has on our physical health.

However, many people don't seem to spend time with their friends in an intentional way - i.e. where they set intentions and really attempt to engage in their friendships for the better. Some things should, of course, be sacred from this kind of mindfulness exercise, though it is your own choice whether human companionship is one of them.

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7. Calming Nerves in Difficult Situations

Try as we might, we can not always evade difficult and compromising situations forever. Eventually, we are bound to be bound within the confines of a difficult situation. Thus, it pays to know how to engage in self-care. We must engage in self-discovery that attempts to mine out our own and everybody else's emotions so that we can navigate stressful and difficult situations.

In this way, we obtain a deeper understanding of ourselves while also learning some practical skills that will help us climb our way through the trials of modern living.

8. Practicing Self-Love and Self-Kindness

When you look back on your earliest childhood memory, is it one that is joyous, or is it one that is already wracked with suggestions of the ceaseless surges of anxiety that you now feel on a daily basis?

Recontextualizing that memory is an apt way to define success in your own life. One of the greatest life hacks you can get is to take a negative or otherwise murky childhood memory and reshape it into something good. Perhaps you never were a beach person - well, you can easily change that.

9. Asking for Help & Support

Despite how, in the words of Stephen Malkmus, we are all islands of such great complexity, it is still just as important as relying on yourself to know when to approach others for help.

This can even be one of the most important parts of your personal growth, the moment when you realize that you just can't do everything on your own.

There's no need to fear the help of others, though. Another of the top life hacks you can take away with you today is that it is more than okay to rely on others from time to time just as it is okay for them to rely upon you.

10. Forgiving Yourself

It's all too easy to beat yourself up constantly about a grace mistake that you once made. However, to lie in the murk of this mistake constantly hitting yourself about it is only going to elongate the process. Sure, it's easier said than done, but you are best advised to stay focused and begin to forgive yourself.

Making peace with your own errors is the first step toward a happier and healthier demeanor, so try as much as you can to do so.

11. Swapping Envy for Joy

We have all felt envy and jealousy when others close to us have achieved things that we wished we had accomplished ourselves. Such emotions, though they might seem perfectly normal and comfortable at first, can quickly begin to eat us up until there is nothing of the 'us' that was once there before.

The best thing you can do to curb such harmful emotions is to rectify them by metamorphosing them into something else. Envy is best turned into joy. After all, shouldn't we be glad and proud of those close to us for achieving whatever it is they set out to accomplish?

12. Sharing Feelings

Just as it can feel difficult to rely on others when material things are becoming a burden, it is also important for you to know when to rely on others when you are experiencing mental health issues and problems with emotions.

What are friends for, after all, if they can't be there when you need them for emotional support? It is important to share your feelings with those who clearly care about you, whether those feelings are good or bad. To act as some sort of close-doored repository for emotions is a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

13. Nearing Burnout

Equal in importance to knowing when to approach others when you are having an altogether taxing time materially and emotionally is knowing how to diagnose yourself with these problems. A fabled maxim that many don't seem to know how to follow is to know oneself.

In doing so, we can begin to look at ourselves as we truly are and then diagnose any problems we might be having and move forward. If you're nearly burned out for whatever reason, then you are likely going to be the one who needs to know when that is and what to immediately do about it.

14. Alone Time

Indeed, just as it is important to savor the time you have with others and to maximize what it can do for you and those close to you, it is also incredibly important to learn how to properly experience and enjoy spending time alone.

In the same way that we process all the things that we have experienced throughout the day during sleep, our time alone is an opportune time for us to pause and reflect on all those other things that are going on around us that are best savored by the conscious mind.

15. Big Decisions

In knowing yourself, you can then begin to trust yourself and your judgment. Indecision seems to be a more and more common trait among the youth of today - so many simply don't know what they want and this seems to come about largely as a result of not knowing the self.

Why exactly this is, you be the judge - whether it has to do with technology or changing social standards - but the end result is the same. There is less trust in oneself and, thus, less belief in making big decisions without indecision taking hold.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, there are ample prompts for you to be getting on with here and in the future!

FAQs Self-Reflection Journal Prompts


Writing about one's feelings is an apt way of exploring them fully. Doing so in this format just means that you can say anything you want without fear of judgment or acknowledgment from those around you.


Journal prompts for self-reflection will tend to focus on some pretty profound topics, including self-worth, self-esteem, self-knowledge, boundaries, anxiety, depression, sharing emotions, and all sorts of other personal information that should not be spied upon.

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