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7 Best Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas

Are you new to bullet journalling and want some handy tips and tricks to get started? Do you think you will benefit from a bullet journal daily spread?
Then you are in the right place, for today we will be exploring some of the ways that using a bullet journal daily spread can help you and how to go about creating your own unique journal.

What is Bullet Journal? What about a Daily Spread?

A bullet journey is simply a kind of journal that can help you prioritize the things that matter in your life, whether personal or professional.

Instead of using blank or lined paper, bullet journaling involves you personalizing the journal and organizing it in such a way that your priorities and projects are divided.

Thus, even the most basic bullet journal will be customized to each individual user, allowing you a daily log of the things that matter.

A bullet journal daily log and daily spreads are simply an extension of this, allowing the user to work on a day-by-day basis instead.

Why Use a Daily Bullet Journal Spread?

There are a number of reasons you might pick up a blank journal (like the ones we have at Moonster for example) and get to work with your bullet journal ideas:

  • You are given a dedicated space for your daily routine and schedule without any distractions.
  • This conforms to the classic journal style.
  • You are left with much more space to go into detail about your day. You can use a to-do list, for example, or you can simply use more space on the page to detail things in a creative way that you are likely to remember better.
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Refillable Classic Journal (Lined)
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Some Ideas

Here are a few ideas that you might start with:

1. Bare Bones

It might be best to start with a spread that captures a week, for example. If you already know how to keep a journal, then that is perfect. Bullet Journal weekly spreads are a good way to begin because they allow you to feel it out for yourself. This is useful to not only gauge whether a daily spread would be useful to you, but also what kinds of things you will be needing in your own daily spreads.

2. Improving

When you feel it out for yourself in this way, you will eventually come to improve over time. No one is going to perfect straight out of the gate, and that is absolutely fine. With time and practice, you will eventually come to master the form - the more you use it, the more useful it can be for you.

This philosophy extends not only to its usefulness, however but also to its aesthetic quality too. Writing these things out daily, your handwriting can't help but improve, for example.

In the golden age of computational technology, people are becoming more and more estranged from writing by hand, to the point where some are barely able to do it. For some, this is a good thing, though if you have found yourself here, then clearly you want to change that.

Writing a daily spread regularly will therefore encourage the development of your handwriting once more.

3. Colors!

Once you have got the hang of your first basic layout, you might want to experiment with introducing some color to the equation.

Seeing as the entire point of such a daily journal spread is to help you organize and prioritize your tasks, it only makes sense to categorize the information on the page even further.

Sure, you know that everything on this 2-page spread is for today, but would it not be great to know that everything that is, say, highlighted pink is to do with certain tasks and ideas?

Likewise, if the work of one project or department is more important than the others, then you can single it out by using a pen with a thicker nib, for example. You can even write out all the items pertaining to that task in a silly or memorable font - that way, you will not miss it or forget it.

bullet journal daily

4. Trackers!!

Now, it is all well and good using a bullet journal daily spread as a daily to-do list. Heck, t's hard not to find anyone that would not benefit from using one of these from time to time. Bullet journals are capable of so much more, though, and once you see it you can't unsee it.

Hydration is key, no? And yet, in the busy and bustling modern work environment, it can be difficult to keep track of how many bottles of water you have consumed. A bullet journal can help you keep track, allowing space on your daily spread for a water consumption tally.

If you are so inclined, you can even use this sort of method to keep track of the snacks that you are eating. This is perfect for those who are business minded about but forgetful about other things.

5. Getting Artistic

Remember, you can take this as far as you like, even welcoming artistic touches like watercolors into the mix. Thankfully, even though Moonster journal paper is made from 100% recycled clothing, it is still more than capable of handling just about any artistic material you can think to throw at it.

Thus, you can afford to get as creative with the process as you would like (and as creative as your brain allow). This can actually be a good way to encourage a rekindling of an old hobby, using it to bridge the gap between work and personal life like so.

6. Getting Experimental

Of course, not everyone will have been so artistic earlier in their life. This, however, does not mean that you can't afford to be experimental. The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can be as experimental with it as you would like. As long as it helps you balance your responsibilities, you are doing it right.

There are plenty of templates from which to begin a bullet journal, but the best bullet journals eventually metamorphose into their own being, relative to your own unique tastes and styles of remembering and learning.

Some things will work for some, while others will work for others, and that is okay! Some of you will simply be happy to have all your info written down in one place, whereas others will need it to be rainbow-colored.

7. Welcome Change

In this way, change is something to be fostered and encouraged. No two people are exactly the same and, thus, no two bullet journals should be the same, no matter how limiting the format might feel at first.

Allow yourself to play around and experiment at every part of the process - you will be amazed to slowly find out what works for you and how your brain works.
If you like regularity, then do not be afraid to stick to a winning formula. Equally, if you need change to be consistently engaged, then change up your daily spreads as often as you feel necessary.

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Refillable Tree of Life Journal
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Last Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, your queries and questions have been answered, though do not be afraid to leave a comment below if you have any others.

FAQs Bullet Journal Daily Spread

Is bullet journaling healthy?

It certainly has a number of health benefits - if only on mental health at first, then certainly on your physical health later (for they are both intrinsically linked). In the sense that it allows each person to precisely divide their personal life and work commitments in a way that is personal to them, bullet journalling cannot help but do good to whoever seeks to use it. However, the best suggestion would be that it should not be used as the sole medication for your problems, but rather as a method through which you can have more time to work on yourself.

Why is bullet journaling good for ADHD?

Seeing as bullet journaling is a method of journaling that seeks to keep all of your commitments in one place, it seems like a perfect antidote to the often everything-everywhere-all-at-once mental state of someone with ADHD. Each bullet journal is also as customizable as you want it to be. Thus, just as each person's relationship with their mental health and ADHD is different, each person can personalize their own experience with it.

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