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Leather Journal Size Chart

Are you looking to invest in a new journal but do not know what size to get? Would you like a handy and convenient guide through some of the key journal sizes out on the stationary market today?

Then help is at hand, for today we will be exploring precisely that, hopefully helping you to find a new journal in the process.

Refillable Heart Journal
Refillable Heart Journal
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This will likely be one of the smallest journal sizes that you will come across in mass production. Owing to its incredibly small size (55 x 90 mms - 2.16 x 3.45 inches), this is very much a pocket notebook as opposed to a writing journal. The first thing in how to write a journal is having the right journal itself.

This small size means that among notebook sizes it is best suited for quick lists, jotting simple notes, or anything else you might be tracking more immediately. This is clearly very easy to transport and because of the convenient size can be held close to hand for immediate use. In this way, it is not unlike a gun held in a holster, ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Passport Size

This notebook does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a compact size that is more or less the exact same size and proportions (90 x 125 mms - 3.54 x 4.92 inches) as a passport.

This does not necessarily make it a travel journal, however, though you could very easily use it like one, paired with your passport for easy and convenient use. This is a rather popular variety of notebooks, coming in a range of options including those with leather covers for a more decadent touch.

This mini journal is in a notebook size that can still be taken just about anywhere, much like a passport can take you anywhere (or at least as far as your budget can afford to get you). Want to know what to write in a journal? Just look inside yourself.

Pocket Size

So, while those previously listed can obviously fit in a pocket, this is the real deal. This is a notebook intentionally designed with proportions (90 x 140 mms - 3.5 x 5.5 inches) that are supposed to fit in a pocket for immediate use.

Popularized by the Field Notes Brand, the popularity of this notebook remains to this day. Clearly, the sizing is not altogether very different from the passport-sized notebook, though the extra space is sometimes a must for those on the move who have slightly more to fit onto their page without using a composition notebook.

It all comes down to personal preference, of course, some prefer to use a passport-sized notebook and not much bigger, while some prefer to use these kinds of notebooks specifically designed for the pocket.

Standard Size

Fitted with a rather bold and altogether brash title, the standard everyday book is supposed the gold standard for notebook sizing. This size notebook features a convenient paper size (110 x 210 mms - 4.33 x 8.26 inches) that makes it a perfect work notebook if the cover design is Safe For Work, of course.

Refillable Classic Journal (Lined)
Refillable Classic Journal (Lined)
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This notebook size was greatly popularized by the Traveler's Company, famous proponents of the traveler's notebook (an important task in note-taking history). For this reason (and others), this size has been carried forth all over the globe to document travel, hence why it is so often seen on the free Pinterest app.

The unique size lends a certain freedom of expression that others here arrayed might not be able to, providing ample space for scrapbooking and chronicling of other ephemera along the way.

journal sizes

B6 Size

Even though the Standard Size notebook has such a bold and brash title, it is typically this notebook that is the most popular size. Many often deem the proportions of the B6 size notebook (128 x 182 mms - 5.03 x 7.16 inches) as the perfect size, striking a keen balance between portability (desktop padfolios could learn a thing or two) while also allowing freedom of expression for quick sketches and all other kinds of ephemera.

For this reason, it is often referred to as the Goldilocks journal among other different notebook sizes. It is deemed the perfect size for freedom of expression while still being small enough to be practical.

B6 Slim Size

Closely related to the B6 size notebook, we have the B6 slim size. Featuring a roughly similar set of proportions as the B6, the B6 slim is a notebook for those who favored the original B6 but who prefer something slightly taller and slimmer.

A compact size makes for a great companion while out and about. Often these notebooks are called upon when looking for something for a touch of elegance.

A5 Size

This is an altogether classic size (145 x 210 mms - 5.7 x 8.26 inches) for notebooks and leather journals. Indeed, with a notebook as classic as this, there is no need to download app or more download app. You can, instead, use this notebook to chronicle the inner workings of your mind with speed and precision at a moment's notice.

Being roughly the same size as a paperback book, this size will no doubt be familiar to the more literary amongst us.

A5 Slim Size

Just as with the B6 size notebook, the A5 also comes with its own slim version. With a keen ability to slip into bags and portfolios, the different sizes of this notebook will be observed to cater to this even more. This size offers everything to love about the A5 in a slightly more graceful profile, enabling you to write with grace yourself.

B5 Size

This is a notebook for those who enjoy journaling big-style. If you are keen to use a journal for daily use throughout the business world, then use our size guide and make sure you never lose your journal notebook again thanks to this behemoth of a journal full of pages.

A4 Size

For some serious studying, then the gold standard is for a notebook to be in A4 (145 x 210 mms - 5.7 x 8.26 inches). Think back on all the exercise books you would have used at school. Were they not all oriented to A4?

Legal Size

Finally, we arrive at a legal size notebook. Now, these are often confused for A4 sized notebooks, though legal paper is slightly wider and 2 inches taller. You can often find this size in office supply stores in top bound top ring round pads.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you have learned something new today that you can impart on another enthusiast of all things stationary!

FAQs Journal Sizes


In today's stationary market, there is no such thing as a standard journal size. Sure enough, though, there are a number of sizes that are more common than others. Perhaps most common is the A4 journal (which is likely better referred to as a pad). This notebook is often called upon to be used in study spaces by students. Another common size is the A5 or A6 journal, a size perhaps more favored by writers or those actually using a journal for its intended purpose.

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An A5 journal will measure 5.82 x 8.26 inches (145 x 210 mms). Equated together, this will mean a printing area of 312.5 cm² or 0.031 m². Measured in inches, we can square this again to 48.43 sq inches.


There is not one overall journal size that dominate over all others, though there are admittedly some journal sizes that are more commonly favored. A4 journals (more accurately referred to as notebooks or pads) are popular among students and those studying as the size is often used by these institutions for print-outs. In fact, A4 paper has become the standard for business of this variety. In terms of actual journals, A5 and A6 size paper is quite popular, especially as it often mirrors the size of a paperback book. No budding writer should be able to resist its proportional charms.

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