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ski trip packing list

Ski Trip Packing List

Just about to take your first ski trip? Want to know what to include on your ski trip packing list?

Then come on through and grab a perch as we explore ten of the most important items to include on your own ski trip packing list.

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1. Base Layers

Top of everyone's ski packing list should be an effective set of base layers. Now, this might not seem like the most fun or interesting part of the ski trip, but it is, without a doubt, one of the most important (if not the most important of all).

Ensure you are choosing base layers catered to the environment that you are to be skiing in. The difference between lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight layers in this area can be of the utmost significance. So, before you blow all of the budgets on your vehicle of choice and ski poles, make sure the base layers are covered.

2. Ski Jacket

Of course, what would your pile of ski equipment be without a jacket? This will be the wrap within which you are sealed for so many of your ski trips, so make sure you pick a good waterproof ski jacket that is going to last.

Sure, one of the most important things about any ski jacket is its ability to shield you from the elements outside. However, this should also be coupled with an ability to make the most use of the elements within, namely the heat that you produce and how it can be utilized to keep you warm.

3. Ski Boots

And what would that pile of ski gear be without a nice pair of ski boots to have you well on your way?

This could, of course, refer to a good pair of winter boots that are not necessarily designed to be used for skiing or as snowboard boots.

You might be doing a lot more walking around than you previously realized, so make sure you are well-equipped with winter footwear that is going to keep you well-protected from the elements without taxing your feet too much.

4. Ski Socks

And what would these ski boots be without a well-fitting and aptly-designed pair of ski socks? The right socks are about as important as having the right boots - without them, you could be welcoming all manner of foot-related injuries into what was supposed to be a good time.

On your ski holiday packing list, make sure that among all of the ski clothing is a pair of ski socks. These thick socks ought to be made from wool so that they can insulate your feet as well as keep the elements outside at bay. If you choose the right material, then you will not even need to think about using foot warmers.

Keeping safe is also a lot easier if you pack a travel first aid kit.

5. Ski Goggles

How else are you going to see without a pair of ski goggles? After all, you are skiing on a veritable ocean of white snow, a substance that reflects the light of the sun blindingly.

The best ski goggles will even come with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to cater your viewing experience to just about any lighting conditions. The best ski goggles will also be comfortable enough that it feels as though you are not wearing any. Purchase with care and caution.

ski packing list

6. Ski Pants

Of course, you can't go skiing and just wear any old pair of trousers. Just as all of the other items on this list are specially designed for their purposes, the ski pants must also be intended for skiing.

This does not necessarily mean that you can't be stylish while also being functional. There are more options now than ever before for customizing and styling yourself while also staying warm enough to keep the harsh cold elements at bay.

Very often, the colors of ski clothing are garish and ghastly at best. You can be the force that changes that and sets the record straight for skiing chic - après ski.

7. Mittens

One of the biggest mistakes to make on ski holidays of this kind is to bring gloves instead of mittens. Gloves might be all well and good in normal civilization, but in the harsh climates that skiing fosters, they simply will not do.

A good pair of mittens will take you a long, chief among ski clothes. The lack of finger access means that there is even less opportunity for warmth to escape. The fingers are kept together in the manner of a reptile, maximizing the warmth that they produce and can provide in this formation.

8. Tissues

If you are not already accustomed to such extreme weather conditions, then chances are your nose is going to be free-flowing with ideas on how to warm up the world around you.

Thus, you will be left a little in the lurch if you do not have a pack of tissues to hand at any given time. Who knows, even if you do not need tissues, perhaps they will be a great way to make friends with someone, offering a tissue to a person with a bright red nose.

9. Winter Hat

Rather unbelievable that such an item has found itself so far down on the list, though its position here should not be in any way representative of its importance within your ski bag.

Whether you ski or snowboard, this should be among your ski essentials. Even if the commonly touted idea that heat escapes through the head has been revealed to be more fiction than fact, you can't go wrong with shielding your head in this way.

As with the ski pants - and all else here arrayed for that matter - there are plenty of options for customization here, too. Fashionistas among us will surely be rejoicing even if they already saw it coming.

10. Neck Gaiter

Finally, we found ourselves in a spot where we focus attention on the neck. Just as you would wear a scarf to stop stray gusts getting through your coat and into your defenses, the neck gaiter serves a similar purpose.

Scarves are frowned upon on the ski course as they can be a bit of a hazard to health and safety - they can flap about in the wind, shifting and opening up your skin to the elements.

A neck gaiter is better suited to skiing while still offering up the same kind of support.

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Final Words

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you are feeling a little more able to prepare your own gear for skiing.

FAQs Ski Packing List


The specifics of what you ought to pack and what you need to buy will vary depending on how much of it you already have (which itself will depend on how much you have already skied in your life). Some essentials include a ski jacket, ski boots, skis, ski goggles, mittens, a neck gaiter, tissues, ski pants, as well as some base layers beneath all of that.


If it is your first time skiing, then chances are that you do not have any of the necessary equipment or clothing for the task. Thus, you will need to purchase a ski jacket, ski boots, skis, ski goggles, mittens, a neck gaiter, tissues, ski pants, as well as some base layers beneath all of that. There are a whole bunch of other extras that you might need to purchase as well, though this will surely do you for now. Of course, you would not be going anywhere unless you actually booked the flights and accommodation for wherever you have decided to go.

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